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Lost: The 10 Most Heartwarming Moments

More than a decade after the series finale aired, Lost continues to be beloved by old fans and by new fans discovering the show for the first time. One of the many elements that help Lost resonate and stand the test of time is the show’s rewarding character development. Through this development, the characters are able to grow beyond their mistakes and become better versions of themselves.

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While Lost is certainly a dark and dramatic show at times, it is also a hopeful one that shows that it’s never too late for someone to grow as a person, to form meaningful connections with others, and to reconcile with those they’ve wronged. Lost certainly has plenty of rewarding and uplifting moments that encapsulate these hopeful themes.

10 Walt Is Reunited With Vincent

Michael and Walt Lost Character Guide

Michael is one of Lost‘s most tragic characters, making it all the more important to remember the heartwarming moments that he shared with his son Walt. After the plane crash, Walt is separated from his dog, Vincent.

John Locke is the one to find Vincent, but Locke makes sure that Michael is the one to reunite Walt with his dog. Walt’s joy and excitement are palpable when Michael brings Vincent to him on the beach, with the gesture also helping to strengthen the bond between father and son. It is a rare sweet moment, where Michael and Walt are a happy family.

9 Hurley Makes Sure All The Survivors Get Food From The Hatch

lost hurley

After discovering food in the hatch, Jack puts Hurley in charge of sorting through the food and deciding how it will be distributed to the rest of the survivors. This responsibility makes Hurley overwhelmed and anxious. He is put in the uncomfortable position of having to tell deny special requests from the passengers so the food can be fairly distributed and rationed smartly.

Realizing that the food supply in the hatch won’t last the group very long, Hurley solves the problem by giving each passenger a specific food item or two all in the same night. For that one night, all the passengers are able to enjoy their specific treat and briefly forget about their problems. This is a great example early on in the show of Hurley being a smart and compassionate leader, who cares about people and does his best to take care of them.

8 Sun And Jin’s Long-Awaited Reunion

After making tremendous progress in building a healthier relationship, Sun and Jin are cruelly separated from each other. Sun tragically believes that Jin died in the explosion of the Kahana freighter and spends the next three years off the Island, believing that her husband is dead. Jin survives the explosion but is stuck in the Island’s time jumps and ends up living with the Dharma Initiative from 1974-1977.

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When Sun learns that Jin is alive, she returns to the Island, but they remain separated for a while as she is there in the present while he remains in 1977 (and even when he returns to the present, they remain separated for a while). This elongated separation from each other makes it heartwarming when the couple finally reunites in the season 6 episode “The Last Recruit.” There is profound relief and joy in their reunion and even the dark events of the next episode cannot take that away from them.

7 Sawyer And Juliet’s Love

When the season 5 episode “Lafleur” jumps to the year 1977, fans see that the two weeks Juliet agreed to stay on the Island for turned into three years and that she and Sawyer have fallen in love. The scene begins with Sawyer picking a flower for Juliet and bringing it home for her. She gives a radiant smile, he tells her how she is amazing, and she thanks him for believing in her.

They have both been troubled characters haunted by inner demons and mistakes they’ve made, but in each other, they have found peace and happiness they never thought would be possible with anyone else. This beautiful, simple scene is enough to convince the audience that these characters are in love and have been living happily together on the Island for three years.

6 Ben And Hurley’s Partnership

Ben Lost Character Guide

When Hurley becomes the new Protector of the Island in the series finale, he is initially at a loss of what to do. After Ben offers him some great and supportive advice, Hurley asks Ben if he will help him. The humbled Ben says he would be honored to help.

While fans don’t get to see much of Hurley and Ben protecting the Island and helping the people connected to it, the flash-sideways scene that follows makes it clear that they worked well together, as they complement each other on being a great “number one” and “number two.” These moments show that Hurley’s compassion and the value he sees in other people always made him a good leader. It also showed how Ben grows from his many mistakes by becoming a humbler, wiser individual, and a team player.

5 Imaginary Peanut Butter

When Charlie wants Claire to move to the caves, she says she will only go if he is able to find peanut butter for her. Unable to find any peanut butter, Charlie gives Claire imaginary peanut butter. In reality, it is an empty jar, but his dedication to selling the moment and enjoying the imaginary peanut butter is adorable.

Even though Charlie isn’t able to find the thing Claire is craving, he creates a delightful memory and bonding experience out of an empty jar, proving that their relationship can make the smallest and most seemingly insignificant things feel truly special.

4 Getting The Dharma Van Working

Hurley starts up the old Dharma van on Lost

Hurley spends most of the season 3 episode “Tricia Tanaka Is Dead” trying to get a broken-down Dharma Initiative van to work. While Charlie, Jin, and Sawyer help Hurley throughout the episode, they struggle to see why fixing the van is so important to Hurley.

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To Hurley, it is obviously about more than a van–it is about fixing something, having faith, and earning a victory after all that has gone wrong for him and the other survivors. When the van works and Hurley is able to safely and successfully drive it, it is a rewarding moment that shows things can and will get better with faith and teamwork.

3 Rose And Bernard Agree To Stay On The Island Forever

L. Scott Caldwell as Rose and Sam Anderson as Bernard Nadler in Lost

Rose and Bernard are Lost‘s most wholesome couple. They may have found love later in life, but they love each other unconditionally and as if they’ve been married for many years.

After Rose tells Bernard that she didn’t want to leave the Island because she believed she would get sick again if she left, Bernard promises Rose that he won’t leave either the Island or her ever again. He is not at all bitter about this, but is simply grateful and relieved that they will be able to spend many more years happily together.

2 Desmond and Penny’s Phone Call

Lost Desmond Call Penny

“The Constant” is often considered to be one of Lost‘s best episodes. While plenty of things happen here, the episode’s most memorable moment is Desmond and Penny’s phone call.

Desmond never thought he was good enough for her, especially since Penny’s father, Charles Widmore, tried to destroy their relationship. As a result, Desmond left and ended up getting stuck on the Island for three years. However, Penny wasn’t one to give up and began searching for him, clinging to her belief that he was still alive. Despite all these obstacles and Desmond nearly being killed by time travel, he found his constant in Penny and their love persevered against all odds.

1 Jack Moves On With His Loved Ones

lost jack and kate

The ending of the series finale is Lost‘s most heartwarming moment. It is rewarding to see Jack, his loved ones, and the survivors who became his family having remembered their lives, now reunited and ready to move on together.

The meaningful bonds that Jack forged with these individuals transcend death itself. After everything Jack and the others endured, it is comforting to know that they have found peace, happiness, and are together as they move on.

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