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“Lovecraft” S2 Scrapped Plans Teased

Lovecraft Country Weeks Ahead Trailer

With HBO having surprisingly cancelled its alternate history horror series “Lovecraft Country,” the show’s creator Misha Green has now spoken about the early plans they had in place for what would’ve been the second season.

A more than 75-page Bible was created for the next season which was expected to go for ten episodes. However, no scripts were written by the time the cancellation order came down for the show which starred Jurnee Smollett, Jonathan Majors and Michael Kenneth Williams.

Green posted a graphic from said Bible showcasing a very different America in the wake of the first season as the continental United States is now literally divided by race into four major areas.

The new season would go beyond the 2016 novel by Mark Ruff which served as the first season’s source material, and Green said last year the aim was to “continue to reclaim the genre storytelling space that people of color have typically been left out of.”

Green is set to direct and pen the new “Tomb Raider” movie with Alicia Vikander set to reprise her role as Lara Croft.

Source: Deadline

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