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Margot Robbie Teases Harley Quinn Costume Changes In The Suicide Squad

Margot Robbie teases multiple Harley Quinn costumes in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad after trailers have shown her primarily in a torn red dress.

Margot Robbie teased more costume changes for Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad. Robbie is one of the only returning members from David Ayer’s 2016 film and that’s thanks to the immense popularity of her take on Harley Quinn. Robbie was the standout member of what was a stellar cast and her demented take on the long-running Batman villain led to the actress getting her own spinoff, Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). While the status remains unclear regarding Robbie’s other Harley Quinn films, the actress will make her grand return this August.

Early trailers for The Suicide Squad show Harley having built a rapport with Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flag, one of the other returning characters from the 2016 film. It’s clear Harley will be up to her usual antics, going rogue and doing her own thing while still back up Task Force X when necessary. Most clips show her doing this in a red ball gown, but now Robbie has teased some other outfits that Harley will be wearing in the upcoming film.

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During a visit to the set of The Suicide Squad, Robbie took time to breakdown the costume choices for Harley in the film. While the actress notes that Harley has a mission outfit that is very different from what she ends up in, the red dress also goes through several iterations in the film. Robbie says the dress starts off as a very elegant piece, but as the battle wages on, the dress becomes more torn and tattered. Check out Robbie’s full thoughts below:

Harley’s been through some things, as you can see, by this point in the film [the dress has seen some battle action and damage]. It started off as like, a very glamorous gown, and here we are. I think we are down to three versions of the dress… we got to figure out–trying to work it into a mood, where we rip off one bit to do some cool fight s*** with it.

She has a mission outfit to start with that’s very different. She didn’t come on the mission wearing a ball gown. Although with Harley, she could have been like, ‘I just like it, this is what I wanted, I wanted to be pretty today’… My baseball bat is next to my bed back in L.A… I’ve got other weapons in this one. Many, many weapons, but mainly one actually.

Harley Quinn The Suicide Squad

If the red dress is as iconic as Harley Quinn’s original Suicide Squad costume, it’s likely to inspire a slew of Halloween costumes and cosplayers for years to come. The original outfit was a red, white, and blue get up with a pair of short shorts and a shirt that said “Daddy’s Lil’ Monster” but the upcoming Suicide Squad sequel is going in a new direction. Harley is seen primarily in the aforementioned red dress, but there’s also another outfit that has yet to be shown off too much in clips.

Harley’s other The Suicide Squad outfit is inspired by her Arkham City look, a red and black jumpsuit that looks much more suited for combat than the ball gown. How she ends up in the ball gown in the first place is a mystery. Still, whatever the upcoming evolution of Robbie’s Harley Quinn costume is, it’s sure to inspire a new level of fandom for the fan-favorite character and it’s clear that the character will be around long after The Suicide Squad bows in theaters this August.

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