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Marvel’s Most Nerfed MCU Hero Is A Powerhouse In The Comics

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has nerfed many powerful characters, but one hero was made a great deal weaker than his comic counterpart.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has adapted hundreds of characters from the pages of Marvel Comics, with some becoming less powerful and others becoming more powerful than their comic counterpart. However, one hero was significantly nerfed during their time in the MCU as the comic version remains one of the strongest characters ever: Odin. Ultimately, the All-Father’s powers were seriously debuffed from the Asgardian powerhouse readers knew.

Odin’s (played by Anthony Hopkins) power in the MCU is frequently mentioned but never explored in depth. Odin is responsible for taking down the Frost Giants, defeating Surtur (while preventing Ragnarok) while trapping him in Muspelheim, and successfully banishing his powerful daughter Hela, who tried to overthrow his rule, to Hel. The MCU’s Odin is depicted during the end of his rule in Asgard and dies with his soul going to Valhalla in Thor: Ragnarok. Odin’s strength and power are integral to Thor and Loki’s stories, but unlike the MCU, he’s a near-unbeatable force of pure power in the comics.

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For non-comic book readers, Odin’s powers are probably unrecognizable. Of course, the Asgardian God has all the superhuman abilities one might expect from an Asgardian God. Still, his Odinforce (mentioned in the MCU) is really where his most extraordinary powers were on display. The Odinforce is one of Marvel Comics’ most incredible powers, as Odin can use the magical ability in various ways, whether that’s an offensive or defensive attack. It can manipulate matter, project forcefields, grant people powers, enchant weapons (Mjolnir’s enchantment partly comes from the Odinforce), can affect time, has revived the dead, can rewrite entire galaxies, and transport people through different dimensions. In battle, Odin used the Odinforce to hold his own against Galactus, Thanos, Silver Surfer, Mephisto, Annihilus. His powers have been too much for some of Marvel’s greatest villains to handle.

The Odinforce doesn’t have many weaknesses. When his power runs low, Odin enters the Odinsleep and takes a week of rest that recharges his power level. After that, he’s good to go up against the biggest threats in the Marvel Universe. When Odin is taken to Valhalla, he can pass the Odinforce onto someone else – as he’s done with Thor on multiple occasions.

Perhaps, the most obvious reason Odin isn’t as powered as his comic counterpart is that Marvel didn’t want to make someone who could easily take on some of the Avengers’ biggest threats and wanted to focus on his son’s journeys. Also, giving a god his full comic powers would make the Asgardians unbeatable. There’s a reason Odin, Thor and Loki have all been nerfed in the MCU – although Loki’s powers are being played with more on his self-titled series. Odin was still quite powerful in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he’s powered down considerably compared to the mighty comic book version. It would have been a lot of fun to see him at full strength.

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