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Minecraft Player Receives Cheery Warning About Home Safety

One Minecraft player returned to their home base to find that another player on their server had broken in and left behind a kind note.

Playing Minecraft on a server is always a tricky proposition, especially if the other players are up to no good. As a result, players on shared Minecraft servers will often take precautions to protect their carefully constructed base and hard-won treasures. One fortunate player found this out the hard way, but luckily the damage was not nearly as destructive as it could have been.

Though Minecraft is most often thought of as a peaceful, creative game where gamers can spend hours building to their heart’s desire, the game is wrought with danger. Of course, there is the ever-present threat of a Creeper blowing up a Minecraft recreation of a fictional world or even a real-life city. For those players who dare to play online on a server populated by friends, acquaintances, or foes, there is also the risk of other players messing with their builds. There is plenty of incentive for players to take extra precautions, be they intricate Redstone builds, high walls, or simply closing the door to their base when logging off for the night.

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One Redditor named criteriaz made the mistake of not taking even that most basic step recently. When they returned to their game, they found that their base had, in fact, been invaded by one of the other players. Luckily for them, instead of breaking their helpful Minecraft contraptions or stealing all their loot, criteriaz found the intruder had left something instead. Two signs were left behind, warning criteriaz that they had left their door open. Had this been a less compassionate player, criteriaz might have needed to start over from square one, so they are likely thanking their lucky stars that they didn’t have to learn this lesson the hard way.

Even beyond repelling marauders, leaving the door open in Minecraft is inadvisable. Doing so runs the risk that some of Minecraft‘s more dangerous mobs like zombies, skeletons, and Creepers might make their way inside. This could provide players with quite the jump scare later, when they’re sitting comfortably in what they believe is safety.

Still, this story is primarily a heart-warming tale of gamers looking out for each other. While Minecraft servers can often be places of light-hearted griefing and practical jokes, this can also cross the line to full-on sabotage. Often, players won’t think twice before messing with another player’s open base. In this case, a Minecraft player learned a valuable lesson. And they didn’t even have to step through a trapdoor into a deep pit to do so.

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Minecraft is available on Nintendo, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Android, and iOS platforms.

Source: criteriaz/Reddit

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