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Monster Hunter’s Fatalis Menace Wailer Turned Into A Real Working Guitar

After many months at work, a fan has brought the Fatalis Menace Wailer hunting horn from Monster Hunter into a real life working guitar.

A Monster Hunter fan has recreated the Fatalis hunting horn weapon as a real-life guitar. The Fatalis Menace Wailer is considered an endgame weapon in several Monster Hunter games, alongside other weapons made from Fatalis.

Fatalis is the final boss of the first Monster Hunter game on the PS2 and was the final monster added in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. It lives up to its final boss title as one of the hardest monsters to hunt in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Should players slay the elder dragon, they will be rewarded with some of the best weapons in Monster Hunter: World. The hunting horn, the Fatalis Menace Wailer, is one of these craftable weapons. It sports a bass guitar design with vocal sounds for its musical attacks in Monster Hunter: World and is one of the strongest hunting horns in the game for both its stats and songs.

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Reddit user shroomvolcano stated that he had been working on this Fatalis Menace Wailer replica for the past five or six months for a guitar-building contest. Now, it is finished, and along with being a very cool display piece sporting all the details of the hunting horn, it can also be played. In the post, shroomvolcano also shared a link for users to vote in the contest, and there is an included audio clip of the guitar being played.

Fans have gone out of their way to recreate many things from the Monster Hunter series in real life. There are countless Monster Hunter cosplays that have recreated armor and weapons in the series. One YouTuber even cooked food from Monster Hunter World’s Meowscular Chef in real life. Whether in equipment or food, the amount of detail from the games that fans can replicate in real-life recreations is impressive.

Monster Hunter: World was designed with great graphical detail and realism, which no doubt helps make replicating them easier. Though the process may be long and require many hours of dedication, the result of seeing these items from the series brought to life is always worth it, and being able to play a Fatalis-styled guitar is certainly no exception. Just as the equipment designs in the Monster Hunter games are breathtaking to look at, it’s even more exciting to see them brought to life by dedicated fans.

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Source: shroomvolcano/Reddit

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