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“Mr. Robot” Creator Sits On A “Throne”

Mr Robot Creator Sits On A Throne

“Mr. Robot” creator Sam Esmail will produce the alternate history family drama “The American Throne” at Universal Content Productions.

The story reimagines a contemporary America where the nation was founded as a monarchy with an entirely white royal family.

They are soon plunged into “a scorched earth succession battle” when it’s revealed the late king has hidden a mind-blowing secret: A Black son who is the true heir to the throne.

Julius Onah (“Luce”) and Peter Glanz (“Till Next Time”) will pen the script with Esmail and Chad Hamilton executive producing.

NBC previously tried an alt-history American theocratic monarchy series with 2009’s “Kings” which received rave reviews, but was short-lived. That starred Ian McShane as king, Sebastian Stan as his closeted son, and the likes of Dylan Baker, Wes Studi, Brian Cox, Macaulay Culkin and Leslie Bibb in supporting roles.

‘Throne’ falls under Esmail’s rich overall deal with UCP alongside Amazon’s “Homecoming,” USA’s “Briarpatch,” Starz’s “Gaslit” and Peacock’s “Angelyne” and proposed “Battlestar Galactica” reboot.

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