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My Hero Academia Anime to Go on One Week Hiatus

Thankfully, episode 13’s English dub will still release on schedule.

Bad news, heroes. It looks like the newest episode of My Hero Academia’s fifth season will not be simulcast this Saturday on Funimation, meaning we have to wait an extra week before episode 15 premieres. Even though the new episode won’t be simulcast for an extra week, the English dub of episode 13 is still slated to release this Saturday. The schedule will get back to normal next week, meaning the English dub is now only one week behind the simulcast. This news was confirmed via the show’s official English Twitter account.

Not only that but it looks like this break is aligning with a current break in the ongoing manga series. reported that Chapter 319 of the Weekly Shonen Jump series will also be delayed by a week. It is probably for the best that both the manga and anime are taking brief breaks, considering how crazy things are shaping out to become, and how famously overworked and underpaid animators are in Japan.


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The My Hero Academia anime is currently starting undergoing its “Endeavor Agency” Arc, while the manga is wrapping up with its “Final Act” storyline. Given the revelations and plot twists shown in both of these arcs thus far, perhaps giving fans room to breathe is for the best.

If that’s not enough animated superheroics for you, the upcoming third movie in the franchise, My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission is set to premiere in Japan this fall, bringing our favorite teenage heroes on the run from the law.

My Hero Academia is currently in its fifth season and will resume regular simulcasting on Saturday, July 10th. If you want to relive the story so far or somehow haven’t started the show yet, you can currently watch it on Funimation (where the simulcasts are typically streamed), Crunchyroll, and Hulu.

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