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Netflix Allowing Partial Downloads Viewing

Netflix Allowing Partial Downloads Viewing

Five years after debuting downloads for offline viewing, Netflix has announced now that it is launching a feature that lets customers with Android phones and tablets start playing a TV episode or movie before it has completed downloading.

Until now, those on the go needed to have downloaded an entire episode or movie before they could play it back offline. That now changes with the partial-download watching feature available initially only on Android phone and tablets (with operating system version 7.64 or later).

Members can access the partial-download viewing setting from the Downloads menu on their mobile device or from their Continue Watching menu.

The app will prompt you to download the rest of a movie or episode in a series once your device is reconnected to Wi-Fi or a 4G/5G wireless network.

Netflix will test this, and the recently launched ‘Downloads for You’ feature, on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads in the coming months.

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