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Night of the Living Dead 2 Teaser Hints at the Return of Day of the Dead Cast


A new teaser for Night of the Living Dead 2 hints that Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, and Jarlath Conroy, three survivors from George Romero’s Day of the Dead, will be returning for the unofficial sequel. These cast additions are a big deal, as this could mean the Day of the Dead survivors could be back as the same characters they’ve previously played.

The black-and-white teaser shows us Cardille, Alexander, and Conroy ready to defend themselves against an unknown threat. Cardille has some blood sprayed over her face while Conroy holds a pitchfork. There’s no official confirmation that the trio is indeed reprising their roles on Day of the Dead, however, it would be a strange choice to tease the comeback of Day of the Dead survivors if Night of the Living Dead 2 didn’t intend to reuse their characters.


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To make the teaser even more curious, the official synopsis for Night of the Living Dead 2 sets the movie on an island that gets attacked by the undead. It would make a lot of sense, then, if Cardille, Alexander, and Conroy would come back as Dr. Sarah Bowman, John “Flyboy”, and William “Bill” McDermott, respectively. The trio survived the events of Day of the Dead by flying to a desert island on a helicopter.

Since Romero’s zombies can’t swim and aren’t smart enough to drive a boat, it would fit the plot perfectly if the trio of survivors had a good life on the island until something led the undead there. This would make Night of the Living Dead 2 a sequel to Day of the Dead, which is, in turn, a sequel to Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.

Night of the Living Dead 2 is written and directed by Marcus Slabine (The Dark Offerings). There’s still no release date for Night of the Living Dead 2, but the film has an official website where fans can subscribe to a newsletter. Check the new teaser and synopsis for Night of the Living Dead 2 below.

“Night of the Living Dead II takes place on a remote island where a small group of survivors of the zombie apocalypse take shelter, only to face fresh terror when the flesh-eaters find their way ashore.”

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