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Nintendo Employee Says Not To Buy New Switch If You Don’t Care About OLED

A Nintendo employee told fans that those who have no interest in the new Switch model’s OLED screen should stick with the system’s original version.

According to one Nintendo employee, players who aren’t “digging the [OLED] screen” on the new Nintendo Switch should stick to the current SKU. After months and months of supposed leaks, rumors, and speculation, Nintendo recently lifted the veil on an updated version of the Switch. Instead of a 4K-compatible system, however, the hardware manufacturer shared details about an all-new OLED model without boosted specs.

Rumors about a supposed Nintendo Switch Pro have circulated for months, leading many consumers to believe the hybrid console would soon receive a significant technical overhaul. Talks of 4K implementation, higher frame rates, increased battery life, and an improved cooling system especially heightened excitement for the prospective hardware upgrade. All the while, Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser maintained the company had no plans for such a device. At least some of the leaks did prove accurate, however. For one, the rumors were correct about a new Switch bearing an OLED screen. Claims regarding a built-in ethernet port weren’t off the mark, either. Still, fans had their hopes up for something far grander.

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Curious as to whether the Nintendo Switch’s OLED Model features more powerful technical specs, some Switch owners went straight to the source. Under a tweet about the forthcoming device, one fan asked Product Marketing Manager JC Rodrigo whether the OLED Model will “run any better.” Rodrigo responded with a simple “nope,” before explaining that those who don’t care about the OLED screen should “stick with the current [Switch].” The brief exchange features below:

Of course, this counts as no revelation. Nintendo itself didn’t build up hype about a potential 4K-enabled platform, nor did it set expectations that such a release was in the cards. In fact, the Japanese giant’s hardware history suggests modern Nintendo may not have an interest in what’s been called a mid-gen refresh in a world post-PS4 Pro and Xbox One X|S. There’s no such thing as a Wii Pro or Wii U Pro, for example.

For anyone who has yet to purchase a Nintendo Switch, or does love a sleek OLED screen, the brand-new model seems a perfect jumping on point. As is often the case, though, the wait-and-see approach never hurts.

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The Nintendo Switch’s OLED model hits stores this fall on October 8.

Source: JC Rodrigo/Twitter

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