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One Quote From Each Character That Perfectly Sums Up Their Personality

New Girl is bursting with hilarity and characters that are both quirky and relatable. This sitcom has so many memorable quotes that live rent-free in the minds of fans, but it’s also more iconic because it comes from the characters that they know and love.

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Beyond that, nearly everything the gang in loft 4D says is totally in-tune with their personality. From Jess’ wholesome and quirky personality to Schmidt’s ambitious and bold behavior, they all have so many great quotes that perfectly sum up who they are – and exactly what fans can’t get enough of.

10 “I Like Getting Older. I Feel Like I’m Finally Aging Into My Personality.” – Nick

Nick Miller sitting at the island in the kitchen of the loft

There are so many hilarious quotes that Nick is the pioneer of, but this one really sums up who he is. He is definitely an old soul, and he’s all about taking it day-by-day and definitely isn’t the most action-oriented or worried guy. He’s chill and likes to just exist as he is.

When Nick reveals he actually likes aging, it made a lot of sense. It was both a hilarious moment and one that made fans love Nick even more and realize that this is what he’s actually really about.

9 “You Guys Ask Me Surprisingly Little About My Personal Life” – Robby

Robby at his house, standing in front of Jess and with his date for the evening

Fans absolutely love Robby, and he’s certainly one of the most likable secondary characters in the entire series. However, an ongoing joke is that the rest of the gang actually knows very little about him – and viewers definitely don’t either.

They know he’s quirky and kind and smart, but he’s also shockingly rich, good at instruments, and so much more. Robby blatantly saying that it’s actually kind of surprising how little they ask him about himself is hysterical, and just about sums it up.

8 “I Read You Guys The Moment I Got There…” – Reagan

Reagan standing in front of the group in the loft, ready to leave in a black dress

“…Nick’s deal is, he honest-to-God might be 50. Schmidt’s deal is he had to Shazam ‘Stairway to Heaven’. And your deal is you’ve been dumped a lot.”

If there’s one thing that Reagan has going for her, it’s that she’s actually pretty observant despite being mysterious herself. This is definitely one of her most memorable quotes, and it just shows that she’s blunt and bold.

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Reagan is confident in herself, and she likes to help others figure out their own stuff (even if she can’t figure out her own). This quote perfectly represents all the honesty and charisma Reagan has.

7 “Allow Me To Introduce Myself…” – Cece

Schmidt and Cece in their bed, looking over confused and startled

“…My name is Cece Schmidt. So if any of you have anything else you’d like to say to my husband, I will drag you outside and we will handle this L.A. style.”

Cece is extremely supportive and protective of her friends (and her husband), and this quote totally sums that up. Her bold and fiery nature is one of the best things about Cece, so there is really no better moment for fans to remember.

She’s not afraid to make herself known, and she’s definitely one tough cookie. Fans know she’d do anything for her friends, and she’s got a lot of drive and passion to do so. This quote sums up what everyone loves about her.

6 “Words That Have Never Been Used To Describe Schmidt: Spontaneous, Flexible, Easygoing. I’m Like A Marine.” – Schmidt

Schmidt with his head tilted, looking defeated and wearing a suit

Schmidt is one of the strangest characters, but he’s also surprisingly upfront about who he is. He doesn’t keep secrets, and he’s pretty confident with who he is despite all his weird idiosyncrasies. He also knows he’s a pretty serious guy that likes order.

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This character knows himself well, and he knows that he isn’t easygoing or anything similar. This quote does literally describe Schmidt’s personality, but it’s still all the more hilarious because it comes from him, and that also says a lot.

5 “I’ll Take Him. Can’t Be Worse Than The Job I Had Before This… Photographing Those Idiot Babies.” – Aly

Pregnant Aly and Winston, looking concerned as she's in labour

Aly is a really tough cookie. She’s a hard worker and she’s extremely devoted to her job, so this quote ties into that and the fact that she’s a pretty serious and strong person that doesn’t have patience or time, even if it’s for babies.

She’s willing to step up and be bold and brave, but she also knows her worth and isn’t willing to put up with people who walk on her or are a waste of her time. Aly is a great catch, and Winston should be lucky to have such a great relationship with her.

4 “It’s A Teacher Joke, Sorry.” – Paul

Paul Genzlinger leaning his head on Jess while sitting on the couch

Is there really anything more wholesome and pure than apologizing for making a teacher joke? This truly is Paul. He’s kind, funny, unique, and has such an innocent soul that’s impossible not to like. He’s one of the most likable of Jess’ exes.

He was a teacher first and foremost, and it’s one of the reasons fans love his big heart. He’s all about trying to fit in and making people feel included, and that’s just more reason why this quote perfectly sums it up.

3 “If I Were Off My Rocker, Would I Take A Weekly Selfie With My Cat?” – Winston

Winston with Ferguson on the table at the movie casting

If there’s one character that’s “off his rocker,” it’s probably Winston. That’s what makes this quote all the more hilarious but also all the more fitting. Winston is a pure soul, but he also loves to have fun and he’s not afraid to be himself.

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Everyone knows he loves his cat, Ferguson, and really, he’s got a point. His love and care for Ferguson does kind of prove that he still has all his marbles. He may be one odd duck, but that’s definitely what fans love about him.

2 “Thanks, Guys. I’m Not Coach Anymore. I’m Just Coach.” – Coach

Coach in the bar, holding his stop watch

Coach is really all about being a coach, so there’s not any other quote that betters sums up his personality. When he loses that, he’s definitely sad about it, but it also points to his humor and his dedication to his career.

Coach may have vanished mostly from the series, but fans will never forget his bold personality, his charisma, and his ability to be blunt and call the shots. He truly is Coach, both from the name and the meaning of it.

1 “I Brake For Birds…” – Jess

Jess with her hands up in a shrug while eating breakfast in the loft

“…I rock a lot of polka dots. I have touched glitter in the last 24 hours. I spend my entire day talking to children. And I find it fundamentally strange that you’re not a dessert person.”

There really is no better way to describe Jess’s entire quirky personality than this quote. Everything fans know about her, and everything they love about her is all summed up in this. She is the polka-dot wearing craft-loving kind soul.

Jess has a lot of hysterical quotes, but this one is as wholesome as it is funny because it’s totally explanative of exactly who she is as a person.

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