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Peacemaker’s Soundtrack is James Gunn’s Favorite of All His Projects

James Gunn opens up about the soundtrack for season 1 of HBO Max’s Peacemaker, calling it the favorite he’s put together of his career.

James Gunn opens up about the soundtrack for season 1 of HBO Max’s Peacemaker, calling it the favorite he’s put together of his career. Created, written and primarily directed by Gunn, the series will explore the origins of John Cena’s DC Comics superhero, a ruthless killer who believes in achieving peace at any cost. Peacemaker will act as a prequel to Gunn’s forthcoming DC Extended Universe debut, The Suicide Squad.

Despite originally planning to return to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 after concluding work on The Suicide Squad, Gunn found himself developing a spinoff series for Cena’s character for fun until DC Films showed interest in the filmmaker adapting a character for a show. HBO Max swiftly picked up the series for an eight-episode first season, all of which Gunn wrote and five of which he helmed. Though not officially released yet, Gunn has already teased the possibility of a season 2 and DC Films President Walter Hamada has stated the streamer will continue to develop interconnected series for the DCEU, beginning with Peacemaker.

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Gunn took to Twitter to reveal to fans that production on Peacemaker season 1 had concluded over the weekend. When asked by a fan about development on the soundtrack in comparison to his filmography, Gunn assured he put the time in to deliver a tracklist that lives up to the rest of his works, if not higher. Check out what Gunn had to say below:

At this point in his career, Gunn has become pretty synonymous with crafting iconic soundtracks for his projects. Though Slither and Super might not carry the same weight as the others, Gunn’s blockbuster debut with Guardians helped establish his unique tone, much of which stemmed from the soundtrack at the heart of his films, with Awesome Mix Vol. 1 having reached the top of the Billboard 200 chart within weeks of the film being released and remaining there for 11 consecutive weeks and 16 weeks total. While a full tracklist for The Suicide Squad has yet to be released, Gunn’s recent revelations of great tracks cut from the film certainly points towards a solid soundtrack for the DCEU sequel

But looking at the success of Guardians‘ Awesome Mix Vol. 1, Gunn’s high praise for the season 1 soundtrack of Peacemaker is proving very promising for the HBO Max series. Even if it can’t quite reach the same certification charts, the knowledge that the filmmaker himself is incredibly proud of the list and finds it to be his favorite is a great thing to hear for those looking forward to the series. While the spin-off won’t arrive until January, audiences won’t have to wait for long for Gunn’s DCEU debut as The Suicide Squad arrives on August 5.

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Source: James Gunn/Twitter

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