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Pokémon GO: Can Litwick Be Shiny

Shiny Pokémon are so coveted in Pokémon GO because they’re so rare to find. Even a normal Litwick is a rare find. So does Shiny Litwick even exist?

In all of Pokémon, catching or hatching a Shiny Pokémon offers some of the biggest bragging rights, and Pokémon GO is no exception. It’s exciting to catch a Shiny version of a favorite Pokémon, but with the high rarity of any Shiny, it’s difficult to know which Pokémon even have those versions. One particularly attractive candidate for Shiny status is Litwick, which can evolve into Chandelure.

Shiny Pokémon have so much clout because they’re so rare. In the still-popular and profitable Pokémon GO specifically, they appear at an approximate rate of 1 in 5o0 rate in the wild (though this baseline also varies by individual Pokémon), and inside 1 in 50 eggs. That means if a player goes to catch a Pokémon, there’s about a 0.2% chance it will be Shiny – if the Pokémon in question has a Shiny version in the first place.

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It’s difficult for players to figure out if a Shiny Litwick is possible, since Shiny Pokémon are so rare to begin with, and even normal Litwicks are difficult to find. Litwick has only been in Pokémon GO since September 2019 and recently became hatch-able in a 10 km egg in October 2020. Bulbapedia has a handy list of GO‘s available Shiny Pokémon – and, as of early July 2021, Litwick is not among them.

Pokémon GO Doesn’t Have A Shiny Litwick (Yet)

Litwick and Shiny Litwick doesn’t differ a great deal in appearance, with only the color of the eye and flame to differentiate them, but even sharp-eyed Pokémon GO players can’t currently find one. Even a regular Litwick can be tough to find. While its exact spawn rate is unknown, as with other ghost Pokémon, chances of Litwick spawning are likely somewhat higher at night. In October 2020, a Pokémon GO Day of the Dead Event in Latin America resulted in a higher Litwick spawn rate, as did a Stateside Halloween event. Hopefully, another major in-game event will lead not only to higher Litwick spawn rates, but the introduction of Shiny Litwick into Pokémon GO.

Part of the reason Shiny Litwick is so coveted is that a Pokémon continues to be Shiny as it evolves. Therefore, catching a Shiny Litwick would mean a player would eventually have a Shiny Chandelure. Litwick’s evolutionary line is a big deal, because as of Gen 8, they remain nearly the only hybrid Fire / Ghost-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Chandelure in particular is arguably one of the most coveted non-mythical Pokémon in the franchise.

New Shiny Pokémon are debuted in Pokémon GO as part of major events, and, fortunately, Pokémon GO Fest 2021 is on the horizon. Sadly, the new roster of Shinies for GO Fest include Whismur, Audino, and Tympole – and not Litwick. Since it’s Pokémon GO‘s fifth anniversary, maybe they’ll add some surprise Shinies which have not been previously announced. Hopeful Litwick fans can always keep an eye on the game at night.

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Sources: Bulbapedia


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