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Pride and Prejudice-Inspired Reality Dating Show Picked Up at Peacock


A new reality dating show from Peacock is heading to the streaming service with a special twist — this one will be inspired by Jane Austen‘s classic novel Pride and Prejudice. If you’re a fan of her novels, the British Regency period, or the Shondaland hit Bridgerton, then you’ll eat up the series entitled Pride and Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance. Endemol Shine North America developed and will produce the series in association with Shine TV. The creative team behind the series includes Anthony Dominici as the executive producer, joined by Sharon Levy, DJ Nurre, Michael Heyerman, and Susy Price.

Taking a few cues from The Bachelorette, a group of eligible suitors will compete to win the heart of an Austen-like heroine and her ton. The contestants will be housed in a remote castle and experience romantic dates like carriage and boat rides, while learning archery and writing besotted handwritten letters. I’m also hopeful that the contestants will don a posh affect to their old-timey accents.


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Drawing from Pride and Prejudice is a smart idea in the reality dating field, as Austen’s novel has long inspired other content like Bridget Jones’ Diary, Lost in Austen, and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The opportunities are endless with Austen IP, as her classic romantic comedies serve as the basis for significant others for many women. To be fair, Austen made her male love interests far too swoonworthy for anyone to resist.

Unscripted TV has seen a boom in the streaming age, so much so that creatives have nearly run out of standard ideas to present (although I very much suggest bringing back MTV’s Next). Executives are turning to out-of-the-box ideas like Pride and Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance to excite viewers and continue innovating the field. For example, Netflix just released their first trailer for Sexy Beasts, an almost terrifyingly weird dating show where the contestants are dressed in animal heads for their dates. But, at least, there’s something for everyone now (even furries)!

Pride and Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance was just announced at Peacock and is still in pre-production, so no release date has yet been announced. But we’ll keep you up-to-date on future announcements.

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