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Ray Donovan Movie Set Image Reveals Filming Start

The announcement comes with a bittersweet reunion

Star Liev Schreiber posted a new set photo with his Ray Donovan family on his Instagram account, letting us know that filming has begun for the new movie. The cast is back together after the show was canceled and left a big cliffhanger behind, which the upcoming Ray Donovan movie will solve by giving the series a proper ending.

Schreiber’s photo features returning cast members Kerris Dorsey (Bridget), Dash Mihok (Bunchy), Pooch Hall (Daryl), and Eddie Marsan (Terry). The photo doesn’t reveal anything about the upcoming movie, nor it has any hidden easter-egg. It’s just a touching moment where the team that helped build seven seasons of Ray Donovan meet on set for the final stretch of a successful run. With the caption “I will miss this particular gaggle of actors very very much”, Schreiber says pretty much what every fan of the show has been thinking. It’s great to see the cast back together, but to know this is the end also leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

Image via Showtime

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It’s been 15 months since Ray Donovan was canceled and left a lot of orphan fans behind. Ray Donovan’s cancellation took everyone by surprise, including the creative team behind the show. Without a previous warning, the team couldn’t give the show a proper conclusion, a real shame when we think the show was part of the life of millions of viewers for seven years. Following fan outcry, Showtime decided to move forward with a movie co-written by Schreiber and veteran showrunner David Hollander. Even if the series won’t be back, allowing a long show to have a proper ending is the least any network should do.

Hollander is set to direct the Ray Donovan movie. Both Hollander and Schreiber executive produce, along with Mark Gordon, Bryan Zuriff, and Lou Fusaro. There’s still no release date for the movie, but as filming began, it shouldn’t take long for us to know when we’ll say our goodbyes. Check Schreiber’s Instagram post below.

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The movie will be released in theaters and digitally on August 20.

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