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Rick and Morty and My Neighbor Totoro Meet in Crossover Short

Of course, Squanchy is Catbus.


What would happen if a weeb who was also a Rick and Morty fan was given some lumps of clay and told to make an Adult Swim promo? How about a magical animated short where Rick and Morty crosses over with My Neighbor Totoro?

The short features some of the most prominent figures from both the Adult Swim cartoon and the beloved Studio Ghibli film. Calming, whimsical flute music follows the iconic Catbus (played by Squanchy, of course) as the camera pans to the side to reveal claymation versions of Morty and his sister Summer riding in the back. When Catbus arrives at its intended destination, we meet none other than Rick/Totoro.


Image via Studio Ghibli

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My Neighbor Totoro is one of the most beloved anime of all time, the film that gave Studio Ghibli its mascot, and the world and icon. The film follows the whimsical adventures of two young girls who befriend some wood spirits, including the big, cuddly creature they start calling Totoro due to the noises it makes.

It’s not the first time Rick and Morty has crossed over with anime. The season 4 premiere had an entire subplot where Morty transforms into an Akira-like monster with psychic powers. Last year Adult Swim made not one but two anime-inspired animated shorts, one based on Lone Wolf & Cub and the other an original story where Morty travels to Japan to stop “The Genocider,” in a short animated by the studio behind the new Ultraman anime.

You can check out new episodes of Rick and Morty right now on Adult Swim on Sunday nights at 11:00 p.m. EST. And don’t forget to check out the promo below.

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