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“Sea of Thieves” Could Visit “Monkey Island”?

Sea Of Thieves Could Visit Monkey Island

Rare’s first-person open-world high-seas game “Sea of Thieves” recently incorporated a “Pirates of the Caribbean” crossover event titled “A Pirate’s Life” with Captain Jack Sparrow in tow.

Players flocked to the big-name collaboration of the gaming and film franchise, which has led to suggestions of similar expansions in the future.

Still, those who’ve played the game have seen some obvious hints at what could be next – namely a crossover with the iconic LucasArts game franchise “The Secret of Monkey Island” which ran from 1990-2009.

Players who’ve reached the end of “A Pirate’s Life” encounter a scene where the player explores a shipwreck belonging to Captain Kate Capsize, a character from the famed second game “LeChuck’s Revenge”.

Whilst exploring her ship to read diaries, the franchise’s theme music can be heard. In addition, the journals discovered make mention of Monkey Island character Guybrush Threepwood multiple times. Check out the clip below showing off some gameplay from the sequence.

It would make sense as, like ‘Pirates’, Disney owns the “Monkey Island” franchise and earlier this year announced the rebranding of its gaming division as Lucasfilm Games which will usher in a new era of “Star Wars” games along with a potential revival of classic LucasArts titles like “Monkey Island,” “Maniac Mansion,” “Loom,” “Zak McKracken,” “Grim Fandango,” “Sam & Max,” “The Dig” and “Indiana Jones” titles.

In any case, Rare has yet to announce any future crossovers at this time.

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