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Season 1 Cast & Character Guide

Wellington Paranormal, the What We Do In The Shadows spinoff, features a cast of talented actors; here’s our character guide for the comedy.

Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s mockumentary series Wellington Paranormal has a small, but talented, cast; here’s where you many know the actors from. The TV series debuted in the U.S. on The CW on July 11, 2021, introducing American audiences to the quirky comedy for the first time. Wellington Paranormal is a spinoff of the popular What We Do In The Shadows, which began as a cult film before the TV series became FX’s most important show. While the original movie focused on vampires, Wellington Paranormal expands the universe to other unexplained phenomena, taking a procedural approach that gently mocks (and celebrates) iconic properties like The X-Files.

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Wellington Paranormal opens with Officers Minogue and O’Leary be assigned to the paranormal unit of their police force after apprehending a teenage girl who has been possessed. The show is similar in tone to What We Do In The Shadows, using a deadpan, absurdist approach to comedically contrast the unbelievable and supernatural action. Neither Clement nor Waititi are regulars in their follow-up show, Wellington Paranormal, and instead, take behind-the-scenes roles in production. In addition to being the show’s creators, both serve as Executive Producers — and Clement writes and directs several episodes in season 1.

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In general, the franchise as a whole follows the misadventures of vampires and other supernatural beings existing in the 21st century. Wellington Paranormal is distinct from WWDITS though, as it focuses on normal everyday police officers encountering supernatural events. Here are all of the main actors who appear in the New Zealand mockumentary comedy horror television series.

Mike Minogue as Officer Kyle Minogue

Mike Minogue plays Officer Kyle Minogue, the “Agent Mulder” of the show’s two leads (as he puts it, because he has brown hair). The actor is probably best known for playing the character in the original movie What We Do In The Shadows, or for playing Michael in the series The Watercooler — although Minogue’s been in the industry longer than that, having worked behind the scenes on productions like The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and Avatar.

Karen O’Leary as Officer O’Leary

Wellington Paranormal Officer O'Leary

Karen O’Leary also stars in Wellington Paranormal as Officer O’Leary. Of the two main leads, this police officer is the more grounded and skeptical of the two. Like Minogue, O’Leary also reprises her role from the cult-classic movie What We Do In The Shadows. In addition to that film, the actor also appeared in the TV series The Watercooler as Karen and in The Eggplant as Principal Kathleen Morris.

Maaka Pohatu as Sergeant Ruawai Maaka

Wellington Paranormal Sergeant Ruawai Maaka

Maaka Pohatu plays Sergeant Ruawai Maaka in Wellington Paranormal. Unlike the two officers, Maaka is an enthusiastic believer in the supernatural — perhaps a little too enthusiastic. Pohatu is both an actor and musician, being a founding member of the Modern Māori Quartet. Pohatu has mainly had smaller roles in various New Zealand productions.

Thomas Sainsbury as Constable Parker

The rookie Constable Parker is played by Thomas Sainsbury in Wellington Paranormal. In addition to his supporting role on the mockumentary series, Sainsbury appeared in the TV series Bachelor Pad, Stake OutFilthy Rich, and The Adventures of Suzy Boon. 

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