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Seinfeld Video Mixes Theme Song With 80s & 90s Greatest Hits

A new fan made video takes the iconic Seinfeld theme song and mixes it with a hit single from each year that the famed sitcom was on the air for.

A new fan made video mixes the classic Seinfeld theme song with some of the greatest hits of the 1980s and 90s. Arguably one of the most instantly recognizable aspects to the hit sitcom was and is its quirky, bubbly theme tune. Originally coming very close to being scrapped altogether after the head of NBC found it too annoying, the Seinfeld theme song certainly doesn’t invite singing along, though it does embody the offbeat world of its cast.

Today, Seinfeld still remains quite popular, but it doesn’t seem to hold the same sort of persistent appeal for newer generations of viewers that its rival Friends has held on to. In terms of its mainstream appeal, Seinfeld was never the type of series that embraced pop culture in a straightforward manner. While the opening theme tune for Friends went on to become a massive hit in its own right, for example, Seinfeld’s interactions with the cultural zeitgeist of the late 80s and near entirety of the 1990s were far more indirect and obscure. The series reveled in spoofing everything from Oliver North’s Oscar-winning film JFK to the encroachment of Kenny Roger’s Roasters on the urban landscape. And although it ran from 1989-1998, its setting and characters always felt both real and otherworldly, thanks to a reluctance to delve too outright into the subject matter used on other sitcoms of the time.

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Now, thanks to YouTube channel Seinfeld Current Day, a look back on what was going on outside the Seinfeld bubble has been constructed using the show’s theme and a selection of hit songs. Charting the course from 1989-1998, Seinfeld Current Day has selected one hit song from each year and skillfully mixed it into the show’s theme tune. The end result is a strange collection of songs from the likes of Tom Petty, Nirvana, Wu-Tang Clan and Green Day, to name but a few. Check out the entire video below:

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Oddly enough the chart topping Green Day song – “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” – that was used in the video’s 1998 segment was also used in the second to last Seinfeld episode ever. Its inclusion back then still felt slightly out of place, however, simply because the series had kept such a unique and insular profile for so long. Today those hit songs placed alongside Seinfeld will seem to many as though they came from different time periods altogether. From style to dialogue to plotting, Seinfeld embodied its own sense of time and place, the likes of which wasn’t reflected in whatever Nirvana or Wu-Tang Clan represented.

Perhaps then, it could be said that Seinfeld stands alone in its reign as a major hit TV series. Difficult to identify with today for some, even its prime took place in a time period that the series seemed to only have the slightest connection to. Some would argue that this is further proof of how timeless Seinfeld really is, and that may be the case, but Seinfeld Current Day’s video is still an interesting (and humorous) look into what was actually taking place during the program’s heyday.

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Source: Seinfeld Current Day

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