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“Silent Hill” & New Kojima Game Talk

Silent Hill New Kojima Game Talk

“Layers of Fear” and “The Medium” game developer Bloober Team has reportedly entered into a new partnership with publisher Konami.

While they can’t share specifics at this time, a Konami rep says Bloober Team will continue to produce their own original content and “we’re excited at the chance to collaborate with them on potential projects across our various IP.”

The partnership and access to Konami’s IP have quickly led to speculation the two are potentially reviving the “Silent Hill” franchise.

The talk comes as Konami’s most famous ex-employee, celebrated game designer and “Metal Gear” franchise creator Hideo Kojima, has reportedly signed a letter of intent with Microsoft with the two parties planning to work on a publishing agreement for a new Xbox game.

Both parties have reportedly agreed to a generalized deal following months of discussion with lawyers now hashing out the finer points.

Source: Polygon, Venture Beat

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