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SNL’s Bowen Yang To Star In Jane Austen-Inspired Fire Island Comedy

SNL’s Bowen Yang and Comedy Central’s Joel Kim Booster will star in comedy Fire Island, a Jane Austen-inspired film set in modern New York.

Saturday Night Live’s Bowen Yang will star in Fire Island, a comedy inspired by Pride and Prejudice. Yang joined SNL’s on-air cast in 2019, becoming the show’s first ever Chinese-American and third openly gay male cast member. The star has garnered critical acclaim for his hilarious portrayal of Kim Jong-un on the show.

As per Vulture, Yang will headline the Austen-inspired Fire Island comedy. Yang will be joined by Joel Kim Booster, best known for his Comedy Central stand-up special. The film will center on two best friends who embark on a weeklong vacation to Fire Island, the famous summer safe haven for the LGBTQ+ community established in the 1940s. It is not immediately clear how director Andrew Ahn will translate Austen’s 1810s sensibilities to modern-day New York, but Vulture writes that the film will “riff on Jane Austen’s timeless tale of negging and intra-class distinctions”.

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The news of Fire Island will excite comedy fans for a number of reasons. Yang and Booster have proved their comedy chops separately, but the two have yet to team up in a joint production. Vulture also notes that this news is being announced on the 45th anniversary of the first Fire Island Invasion of the Pines, when a boatload of drag queens stormed a restaurant that had denied entry to a visitor in drag in a show of solidarity. Book lovers will also look forward to the film’s literary adaption of Austen’s most famous novel.

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Source: Vulture

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