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“Star Wars” LEGO Ditches Slave I Name

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Slave I, the famed spacecraft used by Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett and his son Boba Fett in various entries of the “Star Wars” franchise, is ditching its name on one bit of merchandising.

A new LEGO set of the ship has now christened it “Boba Fett’s starship” according to Jedi News. In addition, “LEGO Star Wars” design director Kronvold Frederiksen told the site that Disney asked the name be changed for the latest model which will go on sale August 1st.

The change follows in the footsteps of Disney rebranding or altering a number of products and theme park attractions boasting dated and racist stereotypes (ala. “Jungle Cruise,” “Splash Mountain”).

As per usual with modern “Star Wars” fandom, there was an immediate online backlash on social media when the news first broke from those who do not like the franchise’s continuous alterations. That said, the name has not sit well with some for a long time including Lando actor himself Billy Dee Williams who said back in 2008: “this is one beauty of a ship. Not crazy about the name, though.”

One protestor was actor Mark Anthony Austin who slipped on the Boba Fett gear on screen for a shot for “Star Wars: A New Hope – Special Edition” in 1997. He says: “My ship will forever be Slave1. Nothing. Not even #disney can or will change that. This is the way.”

Source: THR

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