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Stephen King’s Chapelwaite Show Gets August Release Date

Chapelwaite, a TV adaptation of Stephen King’s famous short story, Jerusalem’s Lot, is bound to haunt a new generation of viewers in August.

After its premiere was delayed by over a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, EPIX finally announced an official release date for the highly anticipated TV show, Chapelwaite. The series was first announced in December 2019, and is based off of Stephen King’s 1978 story, Jerusalem’s Lot. Chapelwaite will consist of 10 episodes, and stars Adrien Brody and Emily Hampshire as Charles Boone and Rebecca Morgan.

As reported by ComicBook, EPIX announced today that the Chapelwaite series finally has an official release date of August 22, 2021. Filming for the series picked up in summer 2020 after its initial goal of premiering last Fall was pushed back due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The horror drama features former Disney exec, Donald De Line, as an executive producer alongside writers Jason and Peter Filardi.

Jerusalem's Lot Stephen King

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King first published Jerusalem’s Lot as a short story in his collection, Night Shift. Set in 1850 in the fictional town of Preacher’s Corners, Maine, the story follows Captain Charles Boone as he relocates his family to his ancestral home after his wife dies at sea. When Boone and his 3 children arrive in town, Rebecca Morgan, a writer and student at Mount Holyoke College, lunges at the chance to write about the family by applying to be governess of Chapelwaite Manor. By doing so, Rebecca explores the dark mysteries surrounding the home, and uncovers—in true Stephen King fashion—plenty of hidden horrors.

Hampshire, best known for her role in the Emmy Award winning comedy, Schitt’s Creek, expressed her excitement for the show, citing her love for corsets and the early Victorian Era. While Chapelwaite is an original story, it’s certainly not the first time horror-junkies have seen the town of Jerusalem’s Lot in a TV adaptation. Not surprisingly, like many other King projects, there have already been several stories set in the haunted town, including a 1979 and a 2004 miniseries based off his 1975 novel, Salem’s Lot. It will be interesting to see how Chapelwaite distinguishes itself from other TV adaptations of King’s work and how the sinister mysteries of Chapelwaite Manor will unfold.

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Source: ComicBook

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