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Stiles & Lydia’s Relationship, Season By Season

There were countless romances in Teen Wolf, but none of them were given the same care and development as Stydia. The other couples moved quickly and got together over the span of a few episodes, while Stiles and Lydia’s relationship was based on a strong foundation of friendship.

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Stiles and Lydia are arguably the relationship goals of Teen Wolf, as their bond deepened every year. They built an emotional connection before a romantic one, and what was between them transcended typical high school love. Fans can go back and examine their relationship season by season to see how their relationship evolved throughout the series.

7 Season 1: Stiles Has A Crush On Lydia, Lydia Doesn’t Know He Exists

Stiles and Lydia go to the dance together in Teen Wolf.

Stiles had a crush on Lydia ever since the third grade, but she never seemed to pay any attention to him. It was never clear whether she purposely ignored Stiles, or if she had genuinely never taken notice of him. Stiles’s attempts to talk to Lydia always fail for one reason or another, and it’s not until Allison that she finally starts to recognize people outside of her circle.

When Stiles reveals that he knows she’s not the person she pretends to be to fit in, she seems to have a new appreciation for him. Lydia ends up becoming the first girl Stiles ever danced with, and the night ends with him trading his life for hers on the lacrosse field.

6 Season 2: Acquaintances With A Still Unrequited Crush

Not a lot changes for Stiles and Lydia in the romantic department, but Lydia does start to acknowledge his presence. They hang out in group settings and Lydia even seems to be amused by Stiles on more than one occasion.

They’re not quite friends, but they’re not strangers either. At the end of the season, Lydia seeks out Stiles for comfort and shows up at his door. They still had a long way to go, but they were one step closer than where they first started.

5 Season 3, Part 1: Friends With An Unconventional First Kiss

Stiles and Lydia kiss in Teen Wolf.

It took a while, but Stiles and Lydia finally formed a friendship outside of Scott and Allison. The friendship felt new, but once it started, they grew comfortable with each other fairly quickly. Stiles matured greatly during Teen Wolf Season 3, and he stopped putting Lydia on a pedestal. He treated her like he would treat any friend, and began to grow out of his schoolboy crush.

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In a way, this was one of the most important seasons for Stiles and Lydia. Their relationship grew up along with them, and there began to feel like less of a power imbalance between the two. At the end of the season, Lydia kisses Stiles to stop his panic attack. Regardless of the why, they were both caught off guard by what had just transpired. Deaton clearly picked up on something between them and asks Lydia to be Stiles’s emotional tether for a druid ritual.

4 Season 3, Part 2: Close Friends

Stiles and Lydia hug on Teen Wolf

Because there was such a drastic shift, Teen Wolf Season 3 feels like it should have been two different seasons. There was a new kind of intimacy between Stiles and Lydia that hadn’t been there before. They often broke off from the pack to do their own thing, and they spent a lot of time together both inside and outside of school.

Things like handholding started to come naturally, and they were always in each other’s space. After Stiles is possessed by the nogistune, Lydia works alongside Scott to help save him. Aiden is killed in the finale, and Lydia immediately runs into Stiles’s arms for comfort.

3 Season 4: Stiles Dates Malia, Lydia Isn’t Thrilled

Teen Wolf Stiles and Lydia Season 4

When the fourth season first begins, Stiles is already dating Malia after their hookup in Eichen House. Lydia was still grieving Allison Argent’s shocking death, so she wasn’t in the best place to begin with. While she never directly comments on Stiles and Malia’s relationship, she clearly wasn’t a fan of it.

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She appears to be unhappy when she sees them together, and she spends the season making passive-aggressive comments that seem to go unnoticed. She looks more annoyed by Malia than anything else, and her friendship with Stiles feels a bit strained.

2 Season 5: Stiles And Lydia’s Feelings Are Obvious, But Remain Unspoken

Stiles begs Lydia to wake up in Teen Wolf.

Stiles always cared for Malia, but it became apparent that their relationship could only go so far. It was obvious to Scott and Kira that, while Stiles no longer had a childhood crush on Lydia, he had developed feelings for her through their close friendship.

Stiles and Malia were bound to break up eventually, and after it happened, Stiles and Lydia’s feelings became clearer than ever before. They share several intimate moments, and Stiles even rescues Lydia from Eichen House. The season was full of iconic Stydia quotes, and by the time the finale rolled around, it was clear where their relationship was headed.

1 Season 6: Stiles And Lydia Confess Their Love And End Up Together

Stiles and Lydia reunite and kiss in Teen Wolf.

It was a long journey, but Stiles and Lydia made it. Before Stiles is taken by the Wild Hunt and erased from her memory, he finally tells Lydia he loves her. Although Lydia can’t remember him, her love for Stiles doesn’t go away, and she realizes that someone is missing from her life.

Lydia is the only person who refuses to give up on Stiles and her memory of their first kiss is so strong that it opens a rift and brings him home. Their kiss is one of the best in Teen Wolf, and a flash-forward implies that they’re still together years in the future.

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