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Tattoo Redo Trailer Reveals Netflix New Reality Show


A trailer for Netflix’s upcoming tattoo cover up show, Tattoo Redo, has dropped. The show will follow clients who come to five of the most talented tattoo artists in the business with their horrible, embarrassing, and unwanted body art. The artists will then cover up the old tattoo with a new design chosen by one of the client’s loved ones.

The trailer teases some of the rough tattoos viewers will see covered up, including a tattoo punishment from a lost bet and an unknown phrase in a language the client doesn’t know. Clients will enter the tattoo shop unaware that they will not be picking their own cover up, however they will get to hear their loved one’s ideas beforehand.


Image via Netflix

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With Netflix making such a splash with its reality show content, it’s hard to imagine Tattoo Redo will rise to the top of its highest viewed reality shows. Series such as The Circle, Love is Blind, and Too Hot to Handle have exploded onto the scene as new staples of the reality show genre. While Tattoo Redo isn’t breaking any new ground with its premise, viewers clearly can’t get enough of tattoo reality shows. From Ink Masters and How Far is Tattoo Far? to Tattoo Nightmare and Black Ink Crew, the tattoo reality show world always boasts many hours of bingeing for fans. Tattoo Redo might be more of the same, but that might be exactly what audiences want.

Tattoo Redo will premiere on Netflix July 28 with six, 25-minute-long episodes. Check out the official synopsis and trailer for the show below.

tattoo-redo-Main Artwork-Vertical_Pre

Image via Netflix

“When terrible tattoos are too much to bear… you cover them up. Five of the most talented tattoo artists in the business take on some of the most embarrassing tattoos and turn them into amazing masterpieces. While comedian and host Jessimae Peluso teases the clients over their lack of judgment, in a fun twist, what they don’t know is that the person who brought them in is going to choose the Tattoo Redo! Will they love it or hate it?”

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