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The 10 Best Animated Movies Of All-Time, According To Letterboxd

The users on Letterboxd are among the biggest film buffs you’ll find anywhere on the internet. They tend to take their movie watching experiences seriously, so their ratings can often be a good barometer for how good something truly is. That’s certainly the case with the animated flicks they’ve reviewed.

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With hundreds of thousands of films on the website, every animated film of note is included. From Pixar movies to Hayao Miyazaki works to visually stunning releases to Academy Award winners, a few animated pictures stand out above the rest as the ones to score the most impressive ratings on Letterboxd.

10 Coco (4.2)

Coco playing his guitar.

One of the most recent entries included is 2017’s Coco. This was yet another release from Pixar Studios, who are basically the cream of the crop when it comes to animated films, especially in the United States. Coco tells the story of a young boy who travels to the Land of the Dead to get permission from an ancestor to pursue his musical dream.

Not only did this take home the Oscar for Best Animated Feature but it also won Best Original Song for the heartbreaking “Remember Me.” Coco has four and five stars as its most common scores (31% each), while four and a half stars comes up next (16%), proving that almost every loves this movie.

9 Akira (4.2)

The motorcycle scene from Akira.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more influential animated movie than Akira. Released way back in 1988, this was huge in terms of inspiring and popularizing the cyberpunk subgenre and was masterfully adapted from the manga of the same name.

The plot focuses on a teenager who works with his biker friends and psychics to take down a raging psychopath after a military experiment. It gets a slight nod over Coco because five stars is its most common score (30%), with four stars (29%) following closely behind. The film was lauded for its action, gorgeous visuals that hold up, and more.

8 Toy Story (4.2)

Woody and Buzz Lightyear posing for a photo in Toy Story.

The road to Pixar becoming the industry leader in animation had to start somewhere. Following success with short films, they moved into feature-length work with 1995’s Toy Story and they changed the game forever. Since then, Pixar has been almost unbeatable in this department with this franchise leading the way.

The film sees the toys of a young boy named Andy come to life when nobody is looking and they embark on an adventure that includes getting lost, finding friends, and more. Like Coco, four and five stars are tied for the most common score (32%), meaning that an overwhelming majority think the movie is nearly perfect.

7 The Lion King (4.2)

Simba realizing that Mufasa is dead in The Lion King

In terms of Walt Disney Animation Studios, The Lion King became their biggest crossover hit. It wasn’t expected when it arrived in theaters in 1994 but the film spawned multiple sequels, a Broadway show, a box office hit remake in 2019, and more. It all started somewhere, though.

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The Lion King deals with Simba’s struggles to become king after his father dies and he’s blamed for it by his evil uncle. The timeless tale has an absurd 35% of its ratings be perfect scores, while four stars (29%) comes in just behind it.

6 Perfect Blue (4.3)

Perfect Blue

This might not be quite as popular or famous as some of the others to score as high but that doesn’t stop Perfect Blue from being one of the more intriguing animated films ever made. Released in 1997, this Japanese psychological thriller was pretty unique for its time.

The plot sees a young singer attempt to transition into acting only to be driven mad when she gets stalked by an obsessed fan and a ghost from her past. Perfect Blue has five stars as the rating it gets the most often (33%), with four stars (28%) and four and a half (24%) coming in right behind it.

5 Princess Mononoke (4.3)

Ashitaka and San riding on animals

Although Pixar might wear the crown in terms of animated movies, one studio comes close and possibly surpasses them in terms of quality. That’s Studio Ghibli and their best reviewed films are often the ones created by the always impressive Hayao Miyazaki, including Princess Mononoke.

Miyazaki’s work goes back decades, with Princess Mononoke releasing in 1997. This fantasy epic follows a young prince caught up in a war for a forest between a mining colony and gods. Racking up the accolades and acclaim, this film has a whopping 36% of its ratings giving it the perfect five stars.

4 Grave Of The Fireflies (4.3)

War movies are pretty common in Hollywood history but not many of them are animated. That makes it even more impressive that Grave of the Fireflies is often named among the greatest war films ever created. Based on a 1967 short story of the same name, the Japanese picture arrived in 1988.

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It’s an anti-war film as it focuses on two siblings who struggle to survive the ending of the Second World War and the many hardships they face during that time. An incredible 39% of the reviewers gave Grave of the Fireflies a perfect rating, with only 2% of users giving it less than three stars.

3 Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion (4.4)

The entire series of Neon Genesis Evangelion is on Letterboxd and it holds an outstanding 4.5 average rating. Though well-received, the final two episodes were considered controversial. In 1997, Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion was released to tell that ending from a different perspective.

The decision was a wise one as this was met with much better praise, even if the feelings were mixed initially. It has since become rather iconic and nearly half of the users (46%) who reviewed this film gave it a perfect rating, which is rarified air on the website.

2 Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (4.4)

Pixar usually cleans up when it comes to the Best Animated Feature Academy Award. However, that wasn’t the case when their film, The Incredibles 2, lost to one of the most unique movies ever made, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. This 2018 release gave fans a fresh take on the superhero genre.

It did so by not only telling an emotional story of Spider-themed heroes from various universes coming together but also with a sleek animation style that felt like it was straight out of the comics. 44% of users gave this a perfect five star rating, with only 2% going under three stars. It’s a special film.

1 Spirited Away (4.5)

Chihiro and No face

For many fans, it’s difficult to pick the best film of Hayao Miyazaki’s legendary career. While there are many candidates, the users on Letterboxd have spoken and the one to score the highest on average is Spirited Away. Written and directed by the filmmaker, the 2001 hit has won a slew of awards over time.

The tale follows a young girl who moves to a new town only for her parents to be transformed and for her to enter a world of spirits. The imagery has become iconic, while the reviews are sparkling. Just about half (49%) of the users consider it perfect and only 6% give it less than three and a half stars.

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