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The 100: Each Main Character’s Most Iconic Scene

Shows about survival allow for several iconic moments for the main characters. The 100 featured a cast of strong characters, all of whom did their best to not only survive but protect each other. Clarke, Bellamy, and the rest of their crew significantly impacted the series, but fans believe these moments defined them.

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While not all of their choices were the best, many of these iconic moments allowed the characters to grow, adapt, and change. Others were moments written to shock the audience, pull at the heartstrings, or give fans hope that things might finally work out for the 100.

9 Echo

First introduced in Season 2 as a member of Azgeda’s royal guard, fans met Echo under Mount Weather. She became a regular in Season 5, but her most iconic moment happens before joining Spacekru, back in Season 4. During the Final Conclave, Echo sneaks onto the battlefield to assist Ronan. Hiding in a building, Echo prepares to kill Octavia before Bellamy stops her.

Disgusted by her actions, Ronan banishes Echo from Azgeda and the Second Dawn bunker. While her actions were seen as villainous toward Skaikru, Echo had good intentions. She knew if Ronan failed, her clan wouldn’t be welcomed in the bunker. So, she put her life on the line to ensure the survival of her clan. It displayed the kind of loyalty and fierceness that were trademarks of her personality.

8 Abby Griffin

Chief Medical Officer and mother of Clarke, Abby Griffin, had her fair share of iconic moments. As the medical officer, she was there for every major injury, likely saving nearly all the main character’s lives at some point. But one of her most iconic moments is one of her last.

After arriving on Sanctum, Russell Lightbourne learns that Abby can make Nightbloods. Russell captures Madi and demands that Abby use her to turn others into Nightbloods. Abby knows the process will kill Madi. So, to save her adopted granddaughter, Abby does the unthinkable and turns herself into a Nightblood. Over the course of six seasons, Abby wasn’t always able to protect Clarke the way she wanted but she steps up here, saving Madi for Clarke, even though it leads to her own death.

7 Monty Green

Monty Green In The 100

Monty Green saves his friends time and time again over five seasons. He hacked security systems in Mount Weather and he made it possible to stay alive on the ring for six years. Monty has always been essential to the survival of his friends. But his most iconic moment was when he had to choose between saving a friend and saving his mother.

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After A.L.I.E. took control of Arkadia, Monty encounters his mother in the woods. Realizing that she is influenced by A.L.I.E, Monty tries to get away, but his mother attacks. Octavia comes to his rescue but is overpowered so Monty has to choose, shoot his mother, or let her kill Octavia. He knows that he can’t save both and chooses to kill his mother. This marks a turning point in Monty where he sees the consequences of survival, which plays a factor in his choices down the line and how he wants them to do better.

6 Jasper Jordan

After landing on Earth, Jasper had a carefree attitude that was bound to get him in trouble. But after trying to impress Octavia, Jasper Jordan became a part of one of the most iconic moments of the entire series, when the 100 realized they weren’t alone.

Jasper, Clarke, and a small group search for Mount Weather. When they come to a river, Jasper swings across and happens to find a sign that reads “Mount Weather.” Then suddenly, Jasper is thrown backward, impaled through the chest by a spear. This moment not only took characters by surprise, but it shocked fans and created the perfect pilot hook. Fans wanted more, characters wanted answers, and everyone wanted Jasper to survive, which he did, but suffered the trauma of this injury until his death in Season 4.

5 John Murphy

After being a recurring character of The 100 throughout Seasons 1 and 2, Murphy becomes a series regular in Season 3. Known for surviving at all costs and not really caring what side he is on, Murphy managed to be in all the important places at the right times. But his most iconic moments came in Season 7 when he decided that his life wasn’t the only one worth saving.

As everything starts to fall apart in Sanctum, Murphy steps up and takes a leadership role. As Russell, now controlled by Sheidheda, the Dark Commander, tries to take over Sanctum, killing both Wonkru and Sanctummites alike, Murphy is determined to protect them. Cleverly moving people around Sanctum, Murphy manages to save dozens of lives. While he was reluctant to step up, Murphy proved that his ability to survive made him the perfect leader for the people of Sanctum.

4 Raven Reyes

Raven stands in a field on Sanctum in The 100

As the main mechanic, weapons maker, and overall tech wiz, Raven Reyes is responsible for providing a radio connection between the 100 and the Ark, destroying Mount Weather, and defeating A.L.I.E. But her time on Earth took a toll on her.

Raven suffers seizures and hallucinations from the side effects of A.L.I.E., so she realizes she is dying and chooses to accept this fate. She suffered through so much pain and has seen too many people die and is ready to give up. But before she can, she hallucinates a friend telling her she needs to survive. Raven figures out a way to reboot her brain by submerging herself in cold water, letting her heart rate drop, going into cardiac arrest. In a moment where she could have chosen the easy way out, she instead chose to live.

3 Octavia Blake

Octavia wears lather jacket in The 100

Octavia Blake is known as being strong, ruthless, and powerful. Never feeling as though she fit in with the 100, Skaikru, or the Grounders, she always proved loyal to her brother and her friends. While she made plenty of terrible and violent choices throughout the series, her most iconic moment was one of peace.

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Octavia chose to fight for Skaikru in the Final Conclave knowing that it was the only way to guarantee the safety of Bellamy and her friends. After her win, however, Octavia did the unexpected. She allowed 100 people from each clan use of the bunker, saving as many people as possible. The girl who never fit in with a single “clan” proved that there could be peace between all because, in the end, they only had each other to rely on. At this moment, Octavia created Wonkru.

2 Bellamy Blake

Bellamy talking to two other figures

Since Season 1, Bellamy Blake put himself in a leadership role. While he doesn’t always make the best decisions, he grows as a character and realizes that everyone has to do better if they are going to survive.  After the Mountain Men capture the 100, Bellamy and Clarke try everything to free them.

But after negotiations fail, their only option is to irradiate Mount Weather. This moment is when Bellamy proves he is the heart of the group. He understands other people’s emotions, and at that moment, he knew that Clarke needed someone to share this burden with her. So he puts his hand on hers, saying, “together” as they pull the lever.

1 Clarke Griffin

As the main character of The 100,  Clarke Griffin has many iconic moments. She always put herself on the line to save her friends even when fans weren’t sure if Clarke would survive. One time came at the end of season 4.

As Praimfaya burns the world, Clarke goes to align a satellite dish to power the Ark but the dish needs to be powered manually. At this moment, Clarke realizes that the only way her friends live is if she stays behind. Knowing she is going to die and seeing the death wave approaching, she climbs the tower. Clarke is a survivor, but certain death didn’t stop her as she proved that her friends are the most important people in her life.

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