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The Avengers, Ranked By Fighting Ability

Since The Avengers first teamed up in 1963, many different characters within Marvel comics have had the pleasure of joining the team. Whether they were added as a full-time member or just joined up for a handful of issues, many of Marvel’s most powerful characters have had the honor of assembling with the Avengers throughout comics history.

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Each member of The Avengers brings individual strengths to the table that help the team overall. However, just because they may be strong, that doesn’t mean that they always know the best way to fight. While some use their brute strength, others use intellect and strategy to assist them in battle.

10 Vision

Behold the Vision

Though he is a pacifist in nature, Vision possesses the skillset to be one of the strongest members of any Avengers team he is on. In his creation by Ultron, the synthetic android was given the Solar Jewel, which absorbs solar energy for Vision to function off of.

Vision has the strength and speed to compete with any other Avenger, plus the useful ability to shift his body’s density at will. What separates him from his teammates is the ability to process information at lightning speed, which is very useful in processing outcomes of fights and making the most logical choices.

9 Spider-Man

Spider-Man Full Circle Comic Art

Spider-Man doesn’t seem like he would be one of the strongest Avengers just by looking at him, but he is deceptively one of the toughest heroes there is. With the strength and endurance to do battle with the best of them, Peter Parker uses his skills to take on the most diverse group of villains in all of Marvel comics.

All of those fights against the low-level thugs in New York City allowed Peter to fine-tune his combat skills, but he has an extra advantage. His “Spider-Sense” ability allows him to detect danger before it arrives, giving ample time to dodge and counter just about any attack that comes his way.

8 Wolverine

Wolverine may be known by most fans as a member of the X-Men, but he has been an invaluable member of the Avengers as well. Logan’s mutant abilities give him a major advantage in battle, especially his adamantium claws, which can cut through many materials.

Wolverine’s heightened senses allow him to operate efficiently in any terrain as well, including in the dark. His strongest attribute is his healing factor, as he can regenerate his body from the near brink of death and back to his normal self. These mutant abilities make Wolverine one of the toughest heroes to take down.

7 Hulk

Incredible Hulk Comic Strongest Superhero

In terms of your standard hand-to-hand combat, it is difficult to bet against The Hulk. The adrenaline that flows through those gamma veins builds Hulk’s strength up to levels that continue to increase the angrier he gets. Hulk also can take on countless amounts of big hits before he goes down.

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If there is any weakness in the Hulk’s skills, it’s that his desire for a good fight tends to cause him to lose focus, letting his opponents to outsmart him. There are versions of Hulk where he utilizes the intellect of Bruce Banner, but in most cases, Hulk is just driven by rage.

6 Black Panther

Marvel's Black Panther (comic book form)

T’Challa, the King of Wakanda, was given his powers as Black Panther through the consumption of the Wakandan heart-shaped herb. That herb took him from a warrior to a super-human, heightening his strength, agility, and reflexes, and allowing him the ability to defend Wakanda from all threats.

T’Challa has many forms of martial arts mastered, so pairing his enhancements from the herb with his innate fighting skills puts him high on the list of formidable Avengers. On top of all that, he has the technological advancements of Wakanda on his side, providing weaponry most others can’t compete with.

5 Luke Cage

Luke Cage Marvel Comics

Growing up in the rough streets of Harlem, Luke Cage‘s upbringing has taught him that fighting is a necessity for survival. He took that mentality when he went to prison, which also happened to be where he was genetically enhanced to have the strength to lift multiple tons.

The experiments done on Luke involved strengthening the cells in his body, making his skin as strong as steel. The sharpest of blades and most forceful of gunfire can’t penetrate Luke Cage’s skin. Combine that with his inherent fighting ability, and it makes him one of the toughest Avengers there is.

4 She-Hulk

Thanks to an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters turned into the mighty She-Hulk. Her transformation gave her immense strength, though she wasn’t as strong as the original Hulk. She also inherited her cousin’s ability to withstand heavy artillery and massive amounts of damage.

Where She-Hulk has an advantage over Hulk is in her ability to combine her two personalities. Jennifer retains her intelligence when she transforms, which also helps her retain her intelligence during the heat of battle. Combine that intellect with the physical abilities of the Hulk, and She-Hulk is a force of nature.

3 Thor

Thor in Marvel Comics Cover

The God of Thunder is the most experienced hero on this list, having been around for thousands of years, and his combat experience is rivaled by no one. Traveling through the realms, taking on creatures of all types of powers and proportions, Thor has seen more fights than most, if not all, of our Avengers.

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Thor’s immense strength is heightened by one of the most powerful weapons in all of comics, his mighty hammer Mjolnir. Thor can use Mjolnir as a conduit to master the powers of lightning, and the hammer packs a massive punch when Thor swings it, as only he is mighty enough to use such a weapon in battle.

2 Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Artgerm Comic

Even before gaining her powers, Carol Danvers had vast military training through her time in the air force and as an intelligence agent. When she was infused with Kree energy, her strength increased tenfold, turning her into Captain Marvel and making her one of the strongest Avengers out there – and that strength only increasing over time.

Through her Kree powers, Carol can absorb energy and utilize it in her combat. That energy can be rerouted in the form of energy blasts from her hands or it can add more power to her punches when her fists are engulfed with energy. The combo of the Kree energy and superhuman strength makes her a force to be reckoned with across the galaxy.

1 Captain America

Captain America in Empyre Marvel Comic Art

When Steve Rogers first underwent the Super-Soldier experiment, he already had the heart of a soldier within him. After the experiment, he finally had the strength and endurance to back it up. Soon, Captain America became a top soldier in the military and one of the most capable fighters in all of the Marvel universe.

When he awoke from the ice, those skills carried over, but instead of leading the military, Cap became the unquestioned leader of the Avengers. His ability to strategize on the fly gives him tactical advantages in most battles he encounters, and when combining that skill with his Vibranium shield, Cap can more than hang with the absolute best.

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