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The Flash Chose The Wrong Story To Test Its Post-Crisis Formula

The Flash season 7 has been unique in that it needed to finish season 6’s story before going forward. But the Forces storyline wasn’t the best option.

The Flash season 7 chose the wrong story to test its post-Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover formula. In season 6, and for the first time in the Arrowverse show’s history, The Flash had two different villains. This formula split the season into two distinct storylines, with Bloodwork and the focus on Barry’s impending death working as a lead-up to Crisis on Infinite Earths and the mystery of Black Hole being set up to be explored in the second half. 

To say that season 7 has been far less thrilling than The Flash season 6 would be an understatement. The current season had less episodes to tell its story and spent the first three wrapping up the Mirrorverse storyline due to pandemic shutdowns last year. While the ending of that arc set up the Forces storyline — which saw Barry and Iris birth a new Speed Force, one that included four different cosmic entities — the lack of a concrete villain has made season 7 feel a lot more directionless as a result. Speed Force Nora and the Force conduits — Alexa (Strength Force), Bashir (Sage Force), and Deon (Still Force) — were not really villains in the traditional sense and the arrival of Godspeed in season 7’s episode 15 made it clear what The Flash had really been missing all along.

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The season would have had a much stronger arc if the speedster (or another, similar villain) had arrived much earlier in the story. The Flash has always centered its overarching themes and plots around whichever new villain was being introduced to the show. Reverse-Flash, Zoom, The Thinker, and Bloodwork have been just a few antagonists that have tangled with The Flash and his team. Each of these characters had their own vendetta, for better or worse, but their scheming kept the series moving forward, with the end of each respective season culminating in a final showdown between them and The Flash as their villainous plots came to a head. 

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Such is not the case in The Flash season 7. The Forces storyline wasn’t as engaging or as thrilling as the lead-up to Crisis on Infinite Earths was. It also lacked high stakes or a sense of urgency, which made it more lackluster than other storylines have been. And without a primary villain or two set up for the season, The Flash has been more than a little lost and struggling to maintain its balance in an otherwise intriguing plot that simply didn’t deliver in the way it was perhaps intended. 

Now that Godspeed is coming to the forefront as The Flash season 7’s primary villain, the series could have shortened the Forces storyline to focus on the abundance of Godspeed clones and the mystery surrounding them. It would have likely driven season 7 in a much clearer direction. While every aspect of the Forces storyline wasn’t entirely irredeemable, it perhaps wasn’t the right story to tell in the aftermath of Crisis on Infinite Earths and the Mirrorverse arc. In The Flash season 8, the series might want to return to more traditional villains or else raise the stakes with whoever comes next.   

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