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The Flash is Finally Helping His Daughter Become A Superhero

In The Flash #774, Wally West will be teaming up with his speedster daughter, Irey West, as they are attacked by a new nightmare-inducing villain!

Warning: includes a preview for The Flash #774!

DC Comics has released the solicitation and cover art for The Flash #774 which showcases Wally West and his daughter, Irey West, teaming up. Wally has not had it easy when it comes to being a superhero. Currently, he is still on his Speed Force adventure throughout space and time. One of his final pit stops was in the body of his grown-up son, Jai West. Wally finds himself sitting opposite his daughter, twenty years into the future.

Irey West is one of the future Flash Family’s many speedsters. Wally is shocked to find out that his children have grown up to become superheroes, as he had planned on retiring. Irey laughs in Wally’s face as she cannot believe what she is hearing. Turns out, Wally is set to have a big change of mind and is the person who encouraged them to be heroes. Irey is not only a powerful speedster, but she is teased as one of DC’s strongest Flash’s of all time.

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In the solicitation for The Flash #774 by Jeremy Adams and Christian Duce, Flash and Irey are attacked by a new villain. This villain is called Dr. Nightmare, this will mark his introduction into DC Comics. Dr. Nightmare has the ability to make bad dreams come to life. Essentially, he is able to cause the ultimate amount of chaos as he projects his dystopic ideas on Central City. Dr. Nightmare’s attack occurs on the same night that Wally attends his daughter’s dance at school. Check out the cover art and solicitation below:

  • THE FLASH #774
  • Writer: JEREMY ADAMS
  • Cover: BRYAN HITCH
  • Variant Cover: JORGE CORONA
  • $3.99 US | 32 PGS | $4.99 US VARIANT (Card Stock)
  • ON SALE 9/21/21
  • Introducing Dr. Nightmare!Bad dreams come to life and lead to chaos on the streets of Central City on the same night the Fastest Man Alive attends a daddy/daughter dance. Side-by-side with his super-powered daughter, Wally must not slow down, or they risk falling victim to the man named Dr. Nightmare.

It looks like Dr. Nightmare’s bad dreams are coming to Irey’s school as the cover art features parents and school faculty as zombies. Wally and Irey will suit up in their Flash costumes as they are attacked. The Scarlett Speedster is going to do everything in his power to protect his daughter and her friends from Dr. Nightmare’s creations. However, as seen in the cover art, Irey is suited up in her Flash suit. This means that she will use her powers and try to fend off the nightmarish zombies. Although the artwork presents her in a vulnerable position, it seems like Wally’s daughter will be starting her journey to becoming the hero.

With Wally finding new meaning after his Speed Force journey, he is ready to officially become the Flash of Central City. Having met future Irey, who is an incredibly powerful speedster, Wally will soon realize that he must begin her training. And with this issue focusing on the two of them, what better time to start but now? Irey West‘s life as a speedster is just beginning and her father is the perfect mentor, given his new state of mind. Although Wally West was shocked when he met his future daughter, it’s clear that he admired what she had become. The Flash #774 releases on September 21.

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