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The Real Housewives: 10 Decade Long Feuds

They say that time heals all wounds, but that’s not always the case on The Real Housewives. When two cast members can’t get along, fans hope to see it resolved at the reunion. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes, they just don’t see eye to eye, and the fighting carries on for years.

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Jealously, ego, and dishonesty have fueled the worst beefs in the history of The Real Housewives. And with some of the longest-running disagreements, the tensions started building before the cameras ever started rolling. While fans love to see the women settle their differences, these feuds have persisted for at least a decade. Here’s how they started and where they stand today.

10 Nene Leakes And Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Nene and Kim fight in the tour bus

It’s hard to remember a time when Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak-Biermann were actually on good terms. Although they claimed to be friends ahead of the first season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, they were shading each other by the time the first reunion came around.

Over the years, their feud has persisted. Their disagreements have made them one of the most memorable duos on The Real Housewives, birthing iconic lines like “Bye Wig” and “Close your legs to married men.” These days, Kim and Nene have dialed back from dissing each other, but it’s unlikely they’ll ever be close friends.

9 Teresa Giudice And Melissa Gorga

When Teresa Giudice’s sister-in-law Melissa Gorga joined the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey in Season 3, fans had no idea how deep the Giudice-Gorga family drama would go. Brawls, screaming matches, and sprinkle cookies have been sources of tension, and no matter how hard they try, they can never reach a peaceful resolution.

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In 2021, Melissa and Teresa’s relationship is way stronger than it was a decade ago, but one small spark can reignite their explosive feud. Like in Season 11, when Teresa accused Melissa of not having her back in her fight with Jackie Goldschneider, Melissa spiraled into a screaming fit, tossing a cheese platter up into the air.

8 Jill Zarin And Bethenny Frankel

Split image of Jill Zarin and Bethany Frankel in Watch What Happens Live

Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel started as a dynamic duo, but they were entangled in a nasty disagreement by Season 3 of The Real Housewives of New York City. In one corner, Bethenny thought Jill was jealous of her success.  In the other corner, Jill felt abandoned by Bethenny and that she wasn’t a supportive friend.

Fans were bummed that Bethenny and Jill could never piece together their friendship. Although Bethenny did show up at Bobby Zarin’s funeral to support Jill years later, their friendship never recovered from the feud. Jill was recently asked if she could ever be friends with Bethenny again, and she confidently declared, “No, I don’t.”

7 Kyle Richards And Lisa Vanderpump

RHOBH Kyle Richards Her Ongoing Fights With Lisa

In Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump’s rollercoaster friendship has kept fans divided for years. Although they have masqueraded as on-camera best friends at some points, there’s always been some underlying tension between these two. It all started in Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when Kyle called LVP “calculated.” Season 9’s puppygate scandal closed the door to their relationship for good.

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Although Vanderpump no longer holds a diamond, she still seems to hold resentment towards Kyle. She made headlines recently when a fan shared an image of a cast photo signed by LVP, but she crossed out the faces of her former castmates. Kyle responded on Instagram by calling the restauranteur “bitter.”

6 Kenya Moore And Porsha Williams

Porsha drags kenya in the RHoA season 6 reunion

It’s hard to believe that it’s coming on a decade since Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams joined RHOA. Their immediate rivalry kickstarted one of the best seasons of RHOA. Of course, things came to a head in the Season 6 reunion when the tension escalated into a physical altercation.

Fast forward to today, and nothing has changed between Kenya and Porsha. They’re still insulting each other, and despite their efforts in Season 12 to form a connection, their truce was short-lived. Most recently, they clashed over Porsha’s involvement in strippergate.

5 Caroline Manzo And Teresa Giudice

As two of the OGs of RHONJmany fans attribute Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice’s complicated relationship to a battle between two big egos. They’ve insulted each other back and forth over the years. One of the most memorable digs was Teresa writing in her cookbook that Caroline is “as Italian as the Olive Garden.”

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Although Caroline left the show after Season 5, the tension between her and Teresa continued. At one point, Teresa even accused Caroline of setting her family up to get busted by the federal government. Last year, the two reality stars reunited for a Super Bowl commercial for Sabra. Despite seeming amicable in the commercial, Teresa admitted that the two got in an argument before filming the ad.

4 Caroline Manzo And Dina Manzo

Caroline and Dina Manzo hugging and smiling for the camera

Some of the worst feuds in the history of The Real Housewives are those that involve family members. That’s the case with RHONJ alums Dina and Caroline Manzo. The sisters, who famously married two brothers, Thomas and Albert Manzo, had a fractured relationship before joining the show. Reality TV fame made matters worse.

Outside of the show, the drama surrounding the sisters took a dark turn. In 2015, Dina’s ex-husband Thomas was accused of plotting an attack on Dina’s new partner, David Cantin. Two years later, the couple was attacked during a horrific home invasion. Thomas has been arrested for both crimes, and Caroline released a statement expressing support for her brother-in-law. That makes it clear that this feud runs much deeper than what fans saw on TV, and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there’s a resolution coming anytime soon.

3 Kim Richards And Kyle Richards

The Richards sisters have been a mainstay on RHOBH, putting their complicated family dynamics on full display. Kim and Kyle have butt heads many times on the show, but the accusation that Kyle stole Kim’s house was a critical moment in their relationship that fans can’t forget. The longer they were on the show together, the bigger the rift grew between the two sisters.

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In recent years, it seems like Kim and Kyle’s relationship is better than it was a decade ago, but Kim’s upcoming tell-all book could prove to be another thorn. In the book, Kim plans on detailing her life in the spotlight and what it’s like to be her sister’s “whipping post.”

2 Karen Huger And Gizelle Bryant

Real Housewives: Gizelle Bryant & Karen Huger Feud Highlights a Crumbling Friendship

Fans love watching the back-and-forth between Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant on The Real Housewives of PotomacThey have both made some hilarious but not-so-nice comments about each other. But their on-screen feud didn’t start when the cameras started rolling for RHOP. They’ve actually known each other for years, and their feud isn’t anything new—although, before reality TV, the feud seemed to be much more playful.

Before they were Housewives, Karen and Gizelle connected over philanthropy and motherhood. At the Season 4 reunion, Karen explained their pre-reality TV dynamic, saying, “We were about cookie bakes. She didn’t like to lose then, she doesn’t like to lose now, but I got her number.”

1 Bethenny Frankel And Ramona Singer

Split image showing Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer

Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer are like oil and water. It’s entertaining for fans but probably frustrating for the cast. Over the years, their feud has created some of RHONY’s most standout moments, like Ramona ripping Bethenny apart on the Brooklyn Bridge or years later, Bethenny hilariously urging Ramona to “mention it all.”

When Bethenny decided to leave RHONY ahead of Season 12, Ramona was caught off guard but definitely wasn’t upset that her frenemy wasn’t returning. She told Entertainment Tonight that she couldn’t be her authentic self around Bethenny. She explained, “Even though Bethenny is a very strong character, she’s well received by the viewers, by us, she is basically — we all walk on eggshells around her.”

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