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The Return of Daredevil Has Officially Started in Marvel Comics

In the latest issue of Marvel’s Daredevil, Matt Murdock has determined to finally start fighting back in earnest, marking the beginning of his return.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Daredevil #31

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Daredevil, Matt Murdock has begun his return as the Man Without Fear (despite still being behind bars). Recent issues have seen the original Daredevil taking a beating and being nearly killed in prison while also in the midst of a personal crisis about his work as a vigilante. However, it seems as though Matt Murdock is ready to return to form and perhaps become even better than he was before. As a prime example, this new issue sees Daredevil going head to head in a direct confrontation with the prison’s corrupt warden.

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In prior issues of Daredevil from writer Chip Zdarksky and artist Marco Checchetto, Matt Murdock has been in prison, having been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. During this interim, Hell’s Kitchen has been under the protection of Elektra Natchios, becoming a brutal new Daredevil to keep the streets safe. However, corruption abounds just as much in prison as it does outside its walls, and Murdock has found himself the target of more than a few murder attempts, orchestrated by the prison’s corrupt warden who’s more than likely working for Wilson Fisk’s Kingpin. Furthermore, the original Daredevil has also concluded that his initial intentions in accepting his sentence were inherently flawed, leaving him fairly conflicted.

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However, now Daredevil #31 reveals that Matt Murdock has taken a deal from the FBI to investigate the warden’s suspected illicit activities in exchange for a shorter sentence. Now, Murdock has a new mission and he’s finally determined to fight back in earnest to get out of prison and return to Hell’s Kitchen, resembling his old self when he challenges the warden directly when called to his office, drawing a line in the sand and letting him know exactly where he stands: firmly and brutally against him.


Daredevil wastes no time in telling the warden exactly what he thinks, as well as making sure he knows that he’s not going to stop until the warden is completely destroyed. There’s no way he’s going to cower in fear just because of some “manufactured authority” the warden thinks he has over him. He’s literally the Man Without Fear and he epically proves it in this issue, disabling the warden’s panic not because he was afraid of help coming, but because he wanted the warden “to scream for it”.

While this is undoubtedly part of Matt’s plan to unnerve the warden and cause him to slip up, the trade-off and major risk is that the very same fear he’s instilled could absolutely turn and blow up in his face in a bad way. Daredevil’s still in prison, after all, surrounded by armed guards under the orders of the warden himself. However, it certainly seems as though Murdock is confident and knows what he’s doing. In any case, seeing Matt Murdock getting the chance to be more like his old Daredevil self again is extremely entertaining, and it’s going to be really interesting to see where Daredevil’s war with the corrupt warden goes from here in future issues.

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