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The Suicide Squad: 10 Strangest Members Of The Team

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is quickly approaching, and fans are already excited to explore some of the characters that have been chosen for the roster. The previous Suicide Squad film definitely focused on the powerful roster members like Harley Quinn and Deadshot, but the new DCEU project seems to be learning from some of the most bizarre incarnations of the team.

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While there are definitely some weird Suicide Squad rogues featured in the upcoming film, there’s also a whole host of other odd characters who have made an impact in the comics. They might not have all survived their missions, but they’ve at least held the honor of being one of the squad.

10 King Shark

King Shark rages in the pages of DC comics

King Shark will be making his big-screen debut in The Suicide Squadbut both he and his father Kamo have been members of the Suicide Squad in the source material for years. In fact, the DC Universe has quite a few animal-based rogues for their heroes to face off against, from Gorilla Grodd to Killer Croc.

However, King Shark is one of the most versatile of the group. Coming from a mythological background, this walking, talking predator is one of the most dangerous members of the team. Still, he is as intimidating as he is stupid, and he is certainly strange in both appearance and concept.

9 The Detachable Kid

Arm Fall Off Boy shows off his power

The other character that Gunn’s Squad will be featuring in the production is The Detachable Kid. Sometimes known as Arm-Fall-Off Boy, the name really says it all. The Detachable Kid’s limbs can be separated from his body so that they can be used as weapons.

It’s a really useless power and there’s no doubt that TDK will likely not survive the upcoming DCEU film. The Kid is definitely brave and bold, but what he has in spirit he certainly ruins with ability. Despite the pointless gift, The Detachable Kid is still a fun addition to any team and fans are excited to see him in action in The Suicide Squad.

8 Ambush Bug

Sometimes there are characters perhaps too weird even for the Squad and Ambush Bug is definitely one of those examples. The hero has actually served alongside the Justice League as well but definitely has a few identity issues. Underneath the odd costume is a human; fuelled by the love for his alien technology.

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While most heroes treat him with disdain, Ambush Bug is one of the few characters in DC Comics to become aware that he is in fact inside a piece of fiction. Able to teleport across the universe, his abilities are definitely useful, but his personality makes him difficult to work alongside.

7 Baby Boom

There’s plenty of great comics to check out before the return of the Suicide Squad on screen, although fans might not immediately seek out any material with Baby Boom. The ongoing DC creation is one of the strangest in their roster. Genetically mutated, the character has been stuck as a young girl for most of her life.

Unlike some of the other bizarre Suicide Squad members though, Baby Boom has a brilliant ability, with the power to blow things up with her mind. Dangerous and unpredictable, Boom is one of the many certifiably insane members of the Squad and has previously found herself aligned with the group known as Infinity Inc.

6 Hunky Punk

The gargoyle Hunky Punk fact sheet in DC Comics

A history teacher who operated as a British villain, Amanda Waller brought Hunky Punk into the group to help manipulate the actions of the UK government. The character doesn’t look like a traditional villain, taking on the appearance of a cruel gargoyle in combat armor.

Punk’s claim to fame is that he actually manages to save Harley Quinn’s life; another bizarre member of the Squad. Like so many before though, Hunky Punk is shot down quickly, never surviving through to the next mission. Unlike other thugs in the group, Hunky Punk was actually incredibly rich, making his allegiances even more questionable.

5 Chemo

There are very few characters that are genuinely terrifying in their appearance because of how weird their design is. Chemo is actually one of the few though. The green blob looks totally lethal and has complete mastery over his chemical reactions.

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Able to control his body mass and size, regenerate, increase his strength and produce destructive radiation, this mass of biohazardous waste isn’t the best teammate to have around due to the harm he could cause to those around him. There’s never been another like Chemo in the Squad’s history.

4 Duela Dent

Joker's Daughter Duela Dent

Duela Dent is insane and continues to change her identity, claiming to be the daughter of a number of notable super-villains from across the DC Universe. Dent has seemingly finally settled as the daughter of the Joker, an unpredictable entity in his own right.

Both a member of the Squad and the Teen Titans in the past, Dent has no powers but boasts an impressive array of skills and a hilarious assortment of weaponry. As she continues to switch her identity she’s interestingly taken on a number of aliases including Harlequin, Card Queen, and Jokester.

3 Gentleman Ghost

Gentleman Ghost floating in the rafters in DC Comics

An old-school character with an abnormal premise, this ghostly villain is most well known for fighting against both Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Appearing in a ghoulish white suit and a gentlemanly top hat, this see-through criminal is a mainstay of the DC Universe.

While never prominently featured, Gentleman Ghost did find a spot on the Suicide Squad. His spirit abilities set him apart from the rest of the team, with his intangibility and impressive multidimensional guns helping him turn the tide of battle.

2 Punch And Jewelee

Punch and his wife Jewelee really come as a double act. They were both members of the Suicide Squad and are clearly influenced by costumed criminals like Harley Quinn and The Joker. Punch and Jewelee have some of the strangest attires and are both as mad as the other.

This team of childhood sweethearts complement one another brilliantly in the field. Almost an extension of the other, they utilize strange alien technology that they once found, boasting an array of bizarre weapons to carry out their evil plans.

1 Catalyst

Catalyst in his red costume in old school DC COmics

The Arrowverse has put forward some terrifying drug-based villains, but one they never surprisingly drew from in either the Suicide Squad or any of the main shows was Catalyst. The character had the ability to create any narcotic-driven state within his victim.

The character can control the molecular makeup of those around him, which is why he has such a terrifying set of skills. Catalyst has also chosen to dress like a nightmarish scientist, ready to experiment on the minds of the mad and the innocent.

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