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The Suicide Squad Are Secretly Creating a New Justice League

Amanda Waller’s plan to form her own dark Justice League continues, as it’s revealed she’s kidnapping metahumans from throughout the multiverse.

Warning: contains spoilers for Suicide Squad #5!

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Suicide Squad, Director Amanda Waller is building her own dark Justice League, using heroes and villains forcibly taken from across the multiverse. This new issue reveals that Waller has tasked none other than Bloodsport to travel across various Earths to do recon, while also kidnapping any potential assets to serve as counterparts to different members of the mainstream Justice League of Earth-0. While Waller already has some under her control, Bloodsport attempts in this issue to secure a counterpart of Black Canary.

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Suicide Squad #5 comes from Robbie Thompson, Julio Ferreira, Dexter Soy, Eduardo Pansica, Alex Sinclair, and Wes Abbott, and sees Bloodsport traveling to Earth-3 on Waller’s orders. Waller’s plans to build a rival Justice League are just part of her endgame, and traditional field leader Rick Flag was strongly opposed to what she’s planning. As a result, she quickly had him imprisoned, with Peacemaker taking his place as her new field commander for the current Task Force X. Furthermore, her plans to build a rival Justice League connect to the recent Future State event, which depicted a future in which Waller succeeds, taking her new Justice Squad and relocating to Earth-3 in order to truly save that world rather than the original Earth she believes to be a lost cause.

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Amanda Waller has failed in her first attempt to capture the Flash counterpart she had in that future – the young speedster known as Bolt, who’s currently attending the Teen Titans Academy. However, she already has Conner Kent, the clone of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor, to serve as her Superman, and some of her current assets in Task Force X fill different roles as well, such as William Cobb’s Talon – transformed into a new Batman by the time of Future State: Suicide Squad. However, this new issue features Bloodsport attempting to kidnap Earth-3’s Black Siren, a counterpart for the Black Canary as well as a character first seen in the CW’s Arrowverse.


While it seemed as though Waller was about to get another piece to her Justice League puzzle, Bloodsport soon falls into the sights of Ultraman, Earth-3’s dark version of Superman who’s more than a match for Bloodsport, especially once the assassin tries to take him down with a kryptonite bullet, which in this reality only makes him stronger. As a result, it’s certainly possible that Ultraman’s arrival creates a deviation in the depicted future seen in Future State. He’s now determined to go after Waller to get more kryptonite, and her current Task Force X might not be ready for the full wrath of Ultraman and his equally dark allies in the Crime Syndicate. However, Future State did see the bodies of the Earth-3 team in Waller’s possession, so perhaps the timeline is still on its course with a shocking Suicide Squad victory over the Crime Syndicate somehow waiting in the near future.

In any case, Amanda Waller having her own personal Justice Squad under her control to rival the original Justice League does not bode well by any means. Future State: Suicide Squad saw Waller forcibly relocate herself and her new team to Earth-3 before cutting it off from the rest of the multiverse, replacing the Crime Syndicate with her own regime in an apparent attempt to give that reality the heroes it deserves, meaning that fans may be seeing the birth not just of a team patterned after the Justice League, but of a new Justice League assembled from the entirety of the multiverse by one of the keenest minds of Earth-0. However it all shakes out, it’s going to be really interesting to see how Waller and the Suicide Squad handle the dark Justice League that’s more than likely coming for them in future issues.

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