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The Witcher 3’s Yennefer Is a Ninja In Official 12″ Statue

A brand-new 12-inch Kunoichi figure for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s Yennefer of Vengerberg transforms the powerful sorceress into a ninja.

A 12-inch Kunoichi from CD Projekt Red’s official gear store transforms The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt‘s Yennefer into a “stealthy warrior of the night.” Other main characters from the beloved RPG were previously reimagined in the style of ancient Japanese warriors.

In 2019, fans were able to purchase a statue of Geralt as a Rōnin. That same year saw CDPR’s gear store open orders for Ciri and the Kitsune, a statue featuring Ciri dressed in Japanese garb with a Kitsune in close proximity. Both finely detailed figurines boasted high price tags and incredibly limited availability. Despite requests from fans, neither of the Japanese-inspired statues have gone on sale again. Fortunately, those who missed out last time have a chance to grab a different collectible in CD Projket Red’s slowly expanding line of high-quality figurines.

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Yennefer the Kunoichi Figure counts as the newest addition to the CD Projekt Red Gear Store. The 12-inch, hand-painted statue stands 17 inches in total from the base’s bottom to the top of the Wolf school banner situated behind her. Designed by CDPR, this gorgeous figurine depicts Yen as a powerful Kunoichi, the label assigned to female ninjas in feudal Japan. The character stands perched atop a ruined temple, dressed in a lilac-toned shinobi-shōzoku and equipped with tekkō-kagi hand claws. Interestingly, a nekomata familiar stands watch beneath the temple’s roof. Preorders are currently live on CDPR’s gear store for the $380 collectible, which should ship in December 2021. For a closer look at the statue, check out the following video from The Witcher‘s official game account on Twitter:

The Kunoichi figure for Yen is a stunning collectible that any fans of The Witcher series would be lucky to own. As such, those interested in grabbing one for themselves may want to act as quickly as possible, especially considering how quickly the aforementioned Geralt and Ciri statues sold out.

CD Projekt Red revealed the collectible item following WitcherCon. The first-ever Witcher-centric convention notably featured a trailer for the second season of the Netflix series. Witcher 3 fans were also treated to news that the title’s next-gen upgrades will come packed with items from the live-action show. CDPR later confirmed such content will be available for all versions of the RPG.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s Yennefer the Kunoichi figure is expected to ship in December 2021.

Source: The Witcher/TwitterCD Projekt Red Gear Store

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