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Thor Has Totally Lost Control of Mjolnir (Is He Still Worthy?)

Thor’s connection to Mjolnir is getting weaker and one of the few people who know is Loki, who the God of Thunder is trusting with the info.

Warning! Spoilers for Thor #15 by Marvel Comics

Thor’s hammer Mjolnir is getting more difficult for the mighty Avenger to lift, and he’s finally ready to seek out answers to why. In a new preview for the God of Thunder’s ongoing series, Thor’s struggles with his enchanted hammer are becoming worse. In order to find out what’s causing his issues with Mjolnir, the King of Asgard is heading to Midgard. But the question remains, is Thor still worthy?

Mjolnir has been on the fritz for a while in Donny Cates, Nic Klein, and Matt Wilson’s Thor arc. Thor has noticed Mjolnir is becoming heavier to lift for him – while others, including Loki, have easily wielded the enchanted hammer. The God of Thunder even tested a theory about Mjolnir by throwing the hammer to Earth, where a mechanic named Adam Aziz gained his incredible powers after lifting the incredible weapon. Even Thor’s former alter-ego Donald Blake used his hammer against Thor after breaking free from his banishment and trying to take over Asgard. Now, Thor is going to find answers to what’s causing the bizarre control issues with Mjolnir.

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In new previews for Thor #15 by Cates, Michele Bandini, Elisabetta D’Amico, Matt Wilson, and Joe Sabino, a desperate Thor is shown barely lifting his hammer off the ground. Mjolnir has become too heavy for the hero to wield as he usually does, leading him to ask what’s wrong with him and his iconic weapon. After being knocked over, Loki greets Thor. The God of Mischief finds his brother on the ground, trapped under the weight of his hammer. Loki lifts Mjolnir and helps Thor get to his feet.

Thor preview

Thor preview

Thor preview

Thor preview

While Thor is appreciative of his brother’s help, he is completely embarrassed about the situation. He tells Loki not to speak a word to anyone about the incident (good luck) and begins a new quest to seek answers. He reveals to Loki he’s going to meet with Lady Sif and head to Midgard to find answers to “end” his struggles with Mjolnir.

Thor preview

Thor is in a tough position, as he’s trying to balance being King of Asgard, his hammer becoming heavier, and the return of Odin – all at once. The new All-Father will begin to seek out answers about Mjolnir before his hammer falls into the wrong hands (as previously teased in the arc). Can Thor find a fix to Mjolnir, or is his enchanted hammer unable to be returned to its past self? Is he still even worthy? The hero will soon find out the answer. Thor #15 is in comic book stores on Wednesday.

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