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TimTheTatman and Sour Patch Kids Team Up for Twitch Limited-Edition Mix

Like it sour? Prefer sweet? Either way, you get bits!


Tomorrow, Twitch is kicking off July with a sour/sweet collaboration. Streamer TimTheTatman, described as “the perfect example of ‘sour then sweet’,” will not only take part in a new, limited-edition Sour Patch Kids mix, he’ll be the face of it. And you can check out a preview of what that new design looks like, as well as find out how to get your hands on the mix and even earn some Twitch Bits in the process.

The new mix features a TimTheTatman design and will go on sale on today! With each purchase, customers will receive Bits, Twitch’s virtual goods that gives viewers the power to “cheer” and support streamers. Here’s what you can get:

  • 2lb ($24.99) Custom TimTheTatMan Box will come with 2,500 bits (while supplies last)
  • 5lb ($44.99) Custom TimTheTatMan Box will come with 4,500 bits (while supplies last)

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Twitch - SPK - TimTheTatman - Square-1

Image via Twitch

Here’s more info from the press release:

TimTheTatman will bring that sour and sweet energy of the Sour Patch Kids right to his gaming tactics with other surprises for fans during his streaming unveil of the collaboration. Not only will this partnership produce a fun, interactive stream for TimTheTatman’s fans, but it will also further enable creator support by rewarding Bits with every purchase of the customized candy.

On July 1, TimTheTatman will unveil the custom mix during a livestream on his Twitch channel. Fans can catch the reveal at 5:00pm ET, so be sure to tune in!

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Image via Twitch

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