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Trailer: Val Kilmer Documentary “Val”

Trailer Val Kilmer Documentary Val

The official trailer has been released for “Val,” the upcoming documentary about actor Val Kilmer which holds its world premiere at Cannes tomorrow.

The actor has been documenting his own life for over four decades and some of that footage has been brought together for this feature.

The doco is expected to cover a lot of things from his childhood to his early life, his breakthrough in the 1980s, his leading man status and acclaimed performances in the 1990s, his career decline in the early 2000s, and his more recent battles with throat cancer.

Throughout his career, the actor earned a reputation for being a hard worker who was very meticulous about his performances, but also got into feuds with other actors and was rumored to be problematic on set. The doco aims to offer a raw, unvarnished and unflinching look at his work and life.

Leo Scott and Ting Poo helm the film which will get a limited theatrical run on July 23rd followed by an Amazon Prime Video release on August 6th.

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