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Trinity & LaGanja Slay The Lip Syncs

This episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6 is packed with drama and one of the best lip-syncs in Drag Race herstory. Who shined the brightest?

The third episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6 is now streaming on Paramount Plus. When the cast was announced for this season fans were hitting the snooze button, but three episodes in we are wide awake and gagged for filth. This episode brings out a shocking side of one of the queens and a lip-sync assassin brings us one of the best lip-syncs in Drag Race herstory.

After the queens mourn the elimination of Jiggly Caliente, RuPaul enters and the race is off. There is no mini-challenge in this episode, which is great because there is so much drama to capture. This cast has something to prove by returning to this game and it is making riveting TV. Trinity K. Bonet lets the queens have a piece of her mind before the elimination. The main stage challenge this week is to create a commercial in groups.

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The queens are paired up by height. Ginger Minj, Jan, A’keria and Silky are on one team. Kylie Sonique Love, Eureka, and Scarlet are on another. The third team is made up of Ra’Jah O’Hara, Pandora, Yara, and Trinity K. Bonet. In the first episode, Yara Sofia picked Trinity K. Bonet to go home and in the second episode, Trinity voted for Yara to be eliminated. Ra’Jah asks them if it will be hard for them to work together after this drama, but they both say they have put it behind them.

Pandora Boxx’s team is hysterical in the challenge. Pandora’s runways have not been impressive this season, but it seems clear that she wrote a lot of this team’s fantastic commercial. Trinity K. Bonet, however, is the real stand-out in this challenge. Her deadpan delivery is side-splittingly funny.

Eureka O’Hara’s team has a clear and concise commercial, but there are no punch lines. Ginger Minj’s team on the other hand suffered from trying to cram in too many punch lines. There was so much jammed into one small video that it was hard to follow and not as funny as Pandora’s team. Ginger Minj’s entire team is up for elimination! This is great producing. Having four possible queens on the chopping block is a fun shake-up of the form.

A’keria says to the group that she feels that Silky and herself are the two who did the worst this week. Silky says that Jan should be thrown into the mix and the singing queen is not feeling that Jantasy. There is some tension between them, but Silky immediately squashes it. Silky has a tragic arc this season. She was disliked by the fandom in season 11 and it seems she read too many of the comments before coming to All Stars. Silky has lost the edge that made her unlikable to many but with it, she has also dimmed the spark that made her a star.

The runway challenge this week is Rudemption! The dolls get to recreate a look that they wish had been better in their original season. This is such a fun category, but unfortunately, many of them wear outfits that are just as bland as the first try (Ra’Jah, Pandora) and some look worse than the first time (Eureka and Jan). The only stand out in this runway is Scarlet Envy who looks like a greek goddess.

The top All Star of the week is Trinity K. Bonet. She was hilarious in the challenge and even if she wasn’t, we deserve to see this OG lip-sync assassin fighting for her legacy. Before she lip-syncs, Trinity rips into the other queens for not congratulating her on her win. So many of the dolls react with hilarious bewilderment at this very strange emotional reaction. Then Trinity takes the bottom four aside and essentially tells all of them that they have nothing to worry about this week.

It is extremely wild and she is the MVP of this season so far. Trinity is fantastic reality TV and some fans have been rude to her online, but they need to learn that she is making this season exquisite. Trinity reacts in her emotion and that is what we are here to see. This is so much better than someone trying to produce themselves. Trinity slays the lip-sync as expected, but unfortunately for her, she is up against LaGanja Estranja. This season has already brought us better lip-syncs than all of the All Stars 5 lip sync assassins combined.

Laganja wins and reveals that the group chose to send home Silky Nutmeg Ganache. It is sad to see Silky’s time end, but as it is written so it shall be done. Hopefully, this season keeps up this moment, because so far we are giving it six (all) stars out of five.

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