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Valheim Player’s Spirited Away Bathhouse Was Built Without Any Mods

An expert Valheim builder has recreated the iconic bathhouse from Studio Ghibli’s beloved 2001 film Spirited Away, without the use of mods.

An incredibly skilled Valheim architect has built the iconic bathhouse from Studio Ghibli’s critically acclaimed 2001 film, Spirited Away. The only hand-drawn film to win an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, Spirited Away is Studio Ghibli’s most successful title, having earned over $359 million in revenue, making it the second-highest-grossing anime film to date.

Debuting in February this year as an early access title on Steam, the Norse mythology-themed sandbox survival game Valheim received overwhelming success, something that Iron Gate Studio, a small Swedish team of five did not expect. As a result, the indie studio has worked tirelessly to provide bug fixes for Valheim’s enormous player base, with their current focus on patches delaying the long-awaited content update of Hearth & Home. Initially planned for a Q2 2021 release, Valheim’s Hearth & Home update is now expected in Q3 instead and will bring a plethora of content aimed at improving building and cooking in the game.

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Reddit user caeus_plays recently showed off their expertly crafted Valheim build of Yubaba’s bathhouse from the animated film, Spirited Away. While the grand structure is certainly a sight to behold, what is perhaps even more impressive about the build is that the massive bathhouse was completed solely in the game’s creative mode, without the assistance of mods. The absence of mods adds a considerable amount of challenge to building larger creations in Valheim, as players must take also take into account the structural integrity feature of the game, which causes structures to fall apart without proper support. The bathhouse, standing at a staggering five stories high, is not a complete recreation of the building from the film, replacing the large baths on the ground level with several bedrooms instead, in order to make it more functional for players to use as a base.

While such a large build may seem impossible without the use of mods, caeus_plays revealed that they managed to achieve such a feat by stabilizing the enormous structure with the use of wood iron poles, which are cleverly hidden away inside regular wood beams. With the help of creative mode and a little bit of Viking ingenuity, the build took caeus_plays around ten hours to complete and can be downloaded for any players wishing for their own bathhouse. A seasoned Valheim architect, caeus_plays has created a plethora of incredible builds within the game, including a brilliant recreation of the Skeld map from Among Us.

Valheim players continue to impress with their awe-inspiring builds, which will undoubtedly get even more spectacular when more building resources are released with the Hearth & Home update later this year. caeus_plays’ bathhouse build is a magnificent tribute to the beloved Studio Ghibli film while remaining practical for potential Viking inhabitants. The changes to its interior also mean that players will not have to accommodate Bonemass should they come looking for a bath.

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Valheim is available on PC.

Source: caeus_plays/Reddit, caeus/YouTube


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