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Varya Posts Video From Geoffrey’s House Amid Breakup Rumors

For months, 90 Day Fiancé fans assumed Varya and Geoffrey had split up, but a new video taken in Geoffrey’s kitchen has launched new rumors.

Most fans were under the impression that 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days couple Varya Malina and Geoffrey Paschel had split up, but new social media clues indicate they could still be in a relationship. Because of her extensive solo travel, 90 Day Fiancé fans had assumed Varya was most likely single. However, after spotting her in Geoffrey’s kitchen in a new Instagram video, they’re not so sure. The couple has been tight-lipped about their relationship so far, so their recent social media activity could be a major slip-up.

Varya first came to the United States to reconcile her relationship with Geoffrey after she declined his proposal in Russia. Geoffrey had left Russia broken-hearted and was surprised when, several weeks later, Varya showed up in Tennessee asking to get back together. The couple got engaged at the end of the season, but for several months Varya and Geoffrey have not mentioned each other on social media, and it seemed like the 90 Day Fiancé couple was single. Though the couple never confirmed their breakup, many fans were certain that they were done for good.

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For many weeks, Varya has been traveling around Florida and sharing her adventures on social media. In a recent Instagram Story, Varya posted a funny video of her dancing to music in a kitchen and moving a squeaky oven door in time to the song “Yeah!” by Usher. But the kitchen Varya Malina was in bears a striking resemblance to the kitchen in Geoffrey’s house in Destin, Florida. From the countertops to the oven to the cabinets, it’s clear that the video and photo were taken in the same kitchen. Fans are once again confused about Geoffrey and Varya’s relationship status, and they’re also feeling disappointed in Varya. “Varya is one of the most normal people on the show. I will think less of her if she is back with Geoffrey,” a fan commented on a Reddit thread, presumably referencing the abuse charges that 90 Day Fiancé‘s Geoffrey is facing. Some fans speculated that the video was not so much a slip-up as it was a stunt to “get buzz going.”

Though the couple still will not say if they’re in a relationship or not, Geoffrey recently commented on Instagram that he was getting “so many Varya questions” and that he is “not ready to answer quite yet.” If the couple really had split up and moved on, it would be surprising that Geoffrey would still not be ready to talk about it. His comments on Instagram indicate that his relationship with Varya could still be in a messy place, and fans are wondering all over again if 90 Day Fiancé‘s Geoffrey and Varya are still together.

If the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days couple is really still together, it’s doubtful that fans will get any conclusive update anytime soon. Although both are very active on social media, Varya and Geoffrey have retreated from the franchise and don’t seem to care much about making their relationship status official. Still, Varya’s new video from Geoffrey’s kitchen suggests the couple isn’t done yet, even if fans don’t like it.

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