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“Vikings” Creator Plans Leningrad Series

Vikings Creator Plans Leningrad Series

“Vikings” and “The Tudors” creator Michael Hirst is set to pen a series adaptation of Anna Reid’s 2011 book about the Siege of Leningrad which draws mostly upon personal diaries of those caught up in the conflict.

One of the longest and most destructive sieges in human history, and certainly the costliest due to the number of deaths, Nazi troops encircled the city (now known as St. Petersburg) at the height of the war, trapping everyone inside with no food, no resources, and no escape for over twenty-eight months.

Range Media Partners and Orangery Productions are producing the series which will feature a majority female cast as many of Leningrad’s men went to war and died in battle and women are often overlooked or even ignored in historical accounts.

Hirst also has “Vikings: Valhalla” in the works at Netflix and “Billy the Kid” setup at Epix.

Source: Deadline

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