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What Happened To Haley & Jacob After Season 12

Have Haley Harris & Jacob Harder moved on after their marriage ended, or is there still hope for this former Married At First Sight season 12 couple?

Haley Harrison and Jacob Harder called it quits after a tumultuous season on Married at First Sight, but is their relationship really over for good? Here’s what Haley and Jacob have been up to since they announced they were pursuing a divorce on the season 12 finale.

Although Haley and Jacob worked hard on their marriage, incompatibilities surfaced soon after they said “I do.” After meeting for the first time at the altar, Haley had a difficult time feeling physical attraction towards her new husband. Jacob felt rejected and struggled to communicate his feelings to his new wife. Haley, who had been single for 10 years before her marriage, and Jacob, who had foregone relationships for the sake of his career, struggled to connect. They ultimately decided to get a divorce on the final decision day.

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However, the drama didn’t stop after the cameras stopped rolling. Jacob has been publicly feuding with season 12 co-star Chris Williams on social media. The two have numerous posted Instagram stories and videos escalating the drama that began between them on the show. Jacob shared a video to his Instagram account criticizing Chris’ “feminine energy” and accusing him of “running [his] mouth like a gossip queen.” Jacob and Chris have even challenged each other to a boxing match after they exchanged insults over Instagram. Luckily, Jacob seems to get along much better with the other season 12 grooms. He recently celebrated co-star Ryan Oubre’s birthday alongside Erik Lake.

Post-show, Haley has cultivated much more positive relationships with her fellow season 12 brides. She regularly posts photos on Instagram of her outings with Paige Banks, Briana Myles Morales, Virginia Coombs, and Clara Oubre. The reality stars even took a vacation to Miami together. In addition to traveling and spending time with friends, Haley will be serving as a bridesmaid once again in her friends’ upcoming weddings. Both Haley and Jacob have not publicly shared whether or not they are in new relationships following their divorce.

Even though they are still in contact with their season 12 co-stars from Married at First Sight, it doesn’t seem like Jacob and Haley are spending any time together themselves. The exes seem to both be moving on from their marriage. As for the other couples who said “I do” on season 12, Briana and Vincent, Clara and Ryan, and Virginia and Erik are still married. Paige and Chris ended their marriage shortly after they wed after Chris revealed his ex-fiancée was pregnant with his child. Although Virginia and Erik have publicly portrayed an image of wedded bliss, reports have surfaced that indicate the possibility that Erik and Virginia have already filed for divorce. Even though Jacob and Haley’s love story didn’t have a happy ending, here’s hoping that they are living their best lives post-show.

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