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When & Where To Watch New Spin-Off Top Chef Amateurs

Top Chef Amateurs is a new spin-off made for superfans of the original show. Find out when and where to watch this new series here.

Bravo’s Top Chef Amateurs is a new spin-off that allows amateur chefs to compete in classic Top Chef challenges. The show is specifically made for superfans of Top Chef. From the amateurs competing to the all-stars helping them cook to the memorable challenges, this show has everything Top Chef fans could want in a spin-off series.

Amateur chefs have never cooked in the Top Chef kitchen before, but Top Chef Amateurs is all about the fans. The amateur chefs are also superfans of the show and get to live their dream of meeting all-star chefs, cooking with them, and competing in Top Chef challenges. Two amateurs are each paired with a fan-favorite chef from Top Chef. They then compete in a challenge adapted from an original Top Chef episode. Two different all-star chefs sit on the judging panel with Gail Simmons to determine the winner. Each episode features two new amateurs and different all-stars, and there are no eliminations. The goal of the show is to celebrate the history of Top Chef and give fans an experience they’ll never forget.

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Just like the original show, Top Chef Amateurs airs on Bravo. The network has been behind many hit reality shows, but not many have had as many seasons as Top Chef; the finale of the eighteenth season recently aired. Top Chef Amateurs premiered on July 1, 2021, at 9PM ET, and continues to air on Thursday nights on Bravo. Each episode is only 30 minutes long, compared to the traditional hour-long format that Top Chef follows. Episodes are available on Hulu the day after they air.

The show’s stellar cast and fun tone will draw in audiences, especially fans of Top Chef. Among the all-star chefs cooking and judging are Melissa King, Gregory Gourdet, Richard Blais, Jen Carroll, and Joe Flamm. The fan-favorite chefs are a big draw for fans, as is the return of many iconic challenges. The challenges were carefully selected from all 701 Top Chef challenges to reflect the history of the show. Many were adapted for the 30-minute format. Plus, they were changed slightly to give the amateur chefs a better chance at success.

The amateur chefs were also given Top Chef coats and the chance to cook in the Top Chef kitchen. They are all superfans of the show, and the goal was to give them the full Top Chef experience. The result is a lighthearted yet heartwarming show that truly gives the people what they want.

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Top Chef Amateurs airs on Thursday nights at 9PM EST on Bravo.

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