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Why Christine Brown Has Had A Hard Time During Her 40s

Christine Brown has been a fan favorite Sister Wives star since she was 38. In a video to a fan, Christine shared that her 40s were difficult.

Christine Brown has appeared on Sister Wives for the last decade, and we’re about to explain why she’s had a hard time navigating life in her 40s. Sister Wives audiences have watched as Christine coped with feelings of loneliness due to low points in her marriage to Kody Brown. In a personal video that Christine sent to a fan, the reality star opened up about just how difficult her 40s have been, on and off of the show.

Christine Brown was born on April 18, 1972. She turned 49 in early 2021. Christine is now near the end of her forties, and the past ten years have been extraordinarily complicated for the sister wife. The Brown family began their television journey with the debut of Sister Wives season 1 in September 2010. At the time of the Sister Wives series premiere, Christine was 38 years old. Over the next 11 years, fans watched Christine try to keep up with her husband and her fellow sister wives, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Robyn Brown. As the most conflict-avoidant member of the family, Christine was often overlooked. Since she appeared unhappy in her relationship, fans suspect that Christine would thrive in monogamy. Then, she would have more one-on-one time with her partner. Christine recently shared more information about her life in the limelight in a video to a fan.

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Although Christine isn’t one of the breadwinners of the family, she does make personalized videos for fans on the side. One outlet where Christine is popular is Cameo, where viewers can pay for the reality star to send a unique video for special occasions like birthdays, graduations, or promotions. Christine has an impressive following on Cameo, with a 5-star rating and over 170 reviews. Christine is known for her kindness and optimism, so fans understandably expect a cheery message from the Sister Wives star when they order a video. Recently, however, Christine surprised one video recipient with an oddly grim and blunt birthday wish. According to Soap Dirt, the reality star sent a fan a personalized video for her 40th birthday, where Christine spoke openly about her life. Although this Sister Wives viewer might have been expecting a celebratory wish from Christine, they got much more than they bargained for.

Christine started her video by singing “Happy Birthday” to her fan and congratulating her on making it to 40. Unfortunately, the video peaked with Christine’s singing. Christine began to trail off and share stories about how Kody and Janelle almost named one of their daughters Cheyenne, which happened to be the name of the recipient of Christine’s video. Christine continued to chat about Janelle’s name-deciding process before landing on the subject of a woman entering her 40s. Suffice it to say that Christine has not been enjoying her past decade. Although Christine Brown is a fan favorite for her mild temper and clear-headed thinking, the Sister Wives star admitted that she went “insane” during her 40s. Christine explained that the cause of her so-called insanity was menopause symptoms. “40 is hard,” Christine established, but revealed that going to an OB/GYN helped her get back on track after feeling like a “basket case.”

Christine didn’t go into too much detail about why her 40s were so bad during her video message to a fan, but Sister Wives viewers can understand why the star went through such a hard time. On top of her menopause symptoms, Christine was thrust into the life of a popular TV personality while struggling to maintain a relationship with her preoccupied husband. Hopefully, as the Sister Wives star approaches her 50s, Christine makes wellness a priority.

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