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Why Ethan Plath Thinks Mom Kim Is ‘Sneaky’

Fans have criticized Welcome to Plathville mom Kim for her unconventional parenting style. Here is why Ethan has also called his mother “sneaky.”

Over two seasons of Welcome to Plathville, a lot has changed for the Plath family. A few of the older kids who were brought up without soda, sweets, and TV are now living in the modern age. Many of the tensions that surfaced in the first two seasons of the show seem to be in full force in the recently released trailer for season three.

Parents of nine children, Kim and Barry raised their kids on a large farm in a small town in Georgia in order to keep them away from outside influences. Fans have watched how the kids started breaking the rules set by their parents, beginning with Ethan marrying Olivia, even though his parents did not necessarily approve. The next two older siblings, Moriah and Micah, then left their home to set out on their own, with Micah pursuing modeling while Moriah chased a music career. Moriah has also found love with Max, a relationship her parents hesitantly supported after she introduced him to them.

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While fans have fallen in love with the Plath kids, many have criticized Kim and Barry’s parenting, saying they were so overprotective that the kids were not able to learn about how to live in the real world. The family even shared on one episode in the second season that the homeschooling regimen Kim and Barry followed did not correlate to a high school diploma or even a GED. Kim and Barry seem to be more lenient with their younger kids, but they have still made some questionable choices. In a scene dubbed one of the best moments in the show, Barry and Isaac snuck into Moriah’s workout class. While fans called that intrusive, mom Kim has recently been named the sneaky one.

In a trailer for the third season of Welcome to Plathville shared by People, Moriah, Olivia, and Micah seemed to be starting a band and setting up for their first gig. Olivia’s condition upon joining was that she did not want to see Kim and Barry. The last time she was near them, Ethan got into a very heated argument with his dad. Seemingly, Kim agreed she would not make an appearance at their show if it made them uncomfortable. But Kim decided to go anyway and even brought several of her other kids along, a move that had Ethan calling his mom “sneaky.” Kim also appeared to be snooping through her most obedient daughter, Lydia’s, phone, going so far as to count the number of texts she sent to a boy.

This is not the first time Kim has stirred up drama on Welcome to Plathville. Moriah and Micah hinted that they were forced to find a new place to live after being told they were bad influences on the younger kids. Kim has also been insistent that anytime Micah, Moriah, Ethan, or Olivia see the younger kids, they have to be supervised, causing the older kids to have very limited contact with their younger siblings. Now that season three is confirmed, fans will have a lot of drama to look forward to from Welcome to Plathville.

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