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Why Fans Think Darcey Never Learns From Experience

Fans are excited about Darcey & Stacey season 2. However, many of them wish that Darcey would make more of an effort to learn from her mistakes.

The reality show Darcey & Stacey will come back for season 2 with a whole new set of issues for the twins, and some fans don’t feel that Darcey is learning from experience. While viewers are excited about the show, some TLC viewers believe that Darcey Silva has never really learned from her past issues with men. They think that she repeats bad experiences because she is unwilling to look within and realize that she’s locked into negative patterns.

Darcey did not have a terrible 2020, with the exception of the worldwide pandemic shutting down her glam studios. She hit one million followers on Instagram, was given the TLC spin-off Darcey & Stacey, and was once again proposed to by a much younger man who happened to be a model. TLC viewers had their doubts about Darcey and Georgi Rusev’s relationship since there is a large age gap, but the two seemed to survive the quarantine. A lot of avid watchers believe that there is nothing genuine about their relationship. When it comes to picking out the right man, they think that the mother of two should have learned plenty of life lessons by now.

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Darcey often comes across as spoiled. Fans are trying to figure out why she feels so entitled to a love story. The fashion diva is unwilling to let go of her fairytale dreams, which seem inspired by Disney’s damsels in distress. While she may believe that she is acting cute with her flirting techniques, many TLC viewers feel that she is oozing desperation. One follower took to Reddit recently to share that her crying was a real turn-off. The Redditor commented, “If I were the dude, I’d be running far, far away….”

Darcey Silva In 90 Day Fiance

Another viewer who isn’t thrilled with Darcey (who recently unveiled a shocking makeover) pointed out, “She drives me BONKERS. It’s the same thing with her with every man.” That person continued on to say that all of the hints about desperate sex, wedding conversations, sobfests, and drunk accusations that her partner is untrustworthy are on repeat. The Redditor ended the thread by saying, “Change the fu**ing record Darce.” There is no doubt that she acted the exact same way when she was dating Jesse Meester and Tom Brooks. Darcey’s pleas for love make people uncomfortable. Some viewers think that she isn’t a great role model for her two teenage daughters.

The next season of Darcey & Stacey should be out soon, and many wonder what the cameras may have caught. Presumably, the lockdown has ended and the Darcey and Georgi can start to make plans. Darcey has been visiting Los Angeles a lot as she runs her fashion business. Was Georgi left behind to fend for himself or did he also get a first-class ticket to LA? Some viewers think that Georgi just isn’t good for Darcey and they may be right.

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