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Why The Season 1 Prize Money Allocation Was Criticized

Too Hot To Handle season 1 split the prize money equally among all ten winners, but some fans were disappointed that there was no clear winner.

Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle season 1 premiered in 2020, and fans were not pleased with how the prize money was allocated. THTH abandoned the typical premise of most reality dating TV shows. Instead of encouraging contestants to hook up with each other, they were actually “punished” for any sexual act by Lana. In the end, fans were upset because there wasn’t a clear winner based on how the prize money was given out.

Throughout season 1, viewers saw different levels of effort put in by each of the contestants. Some of the contestants actually tried to abide by the rules, while others, such as Francesca and Harry, continually broke the rules, even losing $16,000 in one night. Still, other contestants, including Madison and Kori, were so ambivalent (and boring) that Lana kicked them out of the resort before the finale. In the end, the group was left with $75,000 that Lana decided was going to be split equally between them, leaving each person with $7,500.

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While the THTH contestants were all obviously glad to get a piece of the final prize, the decision to equally award the prize money to the final ten people caused quite a bit of debate and controversy among fans. Many people wanted a clear winner. After all, it is a competition, and not having one winner, or at least a winning couple, left fans feeling disappointed and let down. “I spent hours watching this show for EVERYBODY to win?!?@JoshieFLX tweeted last April.

Others felt that several of the winners got the prize who didn’t deserve it. Despite abiding by the rules near the end of the retreat and winning back some of their lost prize money, Harry and Francesca continually broke the rules throughout the show. Others such as Bryce and Lydia appeared to be at the resort for just a few days and still got the same amount of money as the people who had been there the whole time.

Apparently, some of the contestants felt the same way that the fans did. Kelz Dyke, the recruiting consultant from London, also expressed his disappointment with the ending. The rule-abiding “accountant” of the group, who earned his nickname due to the way he kept tabs of the contestants’ deductions, revealed in an interview with Capital FM that he was “surprised and disappointed” that he was not crowned the winner. However, the laid-back reality star took the outcome in stride. “Money comes and goes…there’s no point crying over spilled milk.

After the controversy following season 1, it appears that producers have listened to the fans’ complaints. In season 2 of Too Hot To Handle, Lana announced that the contestants would not be sharing the prize money equally. How did this affect the competition, and who got the prize money? Fans will have to tune in to Netflix to find out!

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Sources: @JoshieFLX, Capital FM

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