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“Witcher” S2 Features A Verbose Geralt

Witcher S2 Features A Verbose Geralt

It seems the new season of Netflix’s “The Witcher” will let Henry Cavill’s stoic Geralt into a regular Chatty Cathy as opposed to the grunting, swearing and silence that dominated the first run.

Speaking at the inaugural WitcherCon late last week, the actor sat down for a 45-minute interview with reporter Josh Horowitz to talk about the fandom and answer some questions.

He also spoke at length about his character and teased that the new season will see Geralt’s dialogue range expanded because the situations that arise – like Geralt returning to his home turf at Kaer Morhen – demand it:

“I played season one deliberately like that which was him in the wilds without the opportunity for vast wades of dialogue. I thought it best he speaks less because it looks like he thinks more. That was the intention then.

But in the season two scenario, he is in Kaer Morhen, his home space, amongst the people he knows, and, in my opinion, I was to be verbose and be intellectual because that is what he is. He’s not a brute. For me, it was very important to bring Geralt as close to the books as the vision and plot would allow.

And I wanted him to be more verbose and more intellectual and more representative of a man who has lived seventy years and has a philosophical lean. He can be mopey at times, but he is also wise. He has been around.

He is a nice guy despite having moments of unpleasantness, and capable of extraordinary violence, but his intentions are pure. I wanted to reflect on that as much as possible. It is very easy to fall down the line of him being the grumpy snowman and there is a comedy aspect to that, and I wanted to lean away from it in Season Two.”

Cavill also spoke about Geralt’s relationship with his foster daughter, Ciri and highlighted he was a good, caring figure: “I wanted him to be warm. If not a father figure, then definitely an older brother figure and have this kind of caring nature to it.”

The entire interview is available below. “The Witcher” returns to Netflix on December 17th.

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